Thin but still dieting? – It is an eating disorder


In the olden days, a psychiatrist was a person who treated the insane. Hence, anyone who consulted a psychiatrist was called an insane.
Nowadays, with the increase in the literary rate in most of the world, people have become rational enough to realise that there are various types of mental disorders other than merely exhibiting an ecstatic character. With the advancement in research and technology, every behaviour has been given a scientific term and help is always available to address any abnormal behaviour. Despite the fact that machines are available for every work, man power is still required to develop them. He spends most of his energy in thinking for scientific advancements and for the various other departments related to it. Business as well, demands a great amount of dedication. This results an increase in the stress in addition to the usual ones like the peer pressure. Stress and anxiety are the terms quiet common in the present era. While most of the people remain unaffected by it or learn to cope with it, these leave certain serious impacts on some people. Suicidal acts, have become a pretty common affair. These are some of the obvious acts, displaying mental agony. Yet, there are many which remain hidden and one of it is – eating disorder.
It has become more prevalent in the western countries and is now slowly spreading to the other parts of the world. Anorexia nervosa is a type of eating disorder in which the sufferer tends to avoid food in the fear of gaining weight.
Outwardly, it seems to people as if it is an attempt to lose weight and attain a figure similar to that of a Barbie doll or a store room mannequin. Some patients avoid food completely whereas the others avoid any food that is termed to be fattening. This sometimes results in avoiding healthy fats, etc. They exercise excessively. They are obsessed with reading about dieting and losing weight. The general attitude of the observers, mainly the family members and friends is not appreciable. They mock at such an act. When the person loses weight rapidly and does not stop the “dieting”, every one laughs. When an anorexic refuses to eat, she is termed stubborn. It can be noted that the number of male anorexic patients are very less as compared to the number of female ones.
Here is the reality. When a person gets affected by various factors like family problems and the tension of studying, she wants to control it and sort it out. When she realizes that it is beyond her reach to rectify the issue, she begins to control what is the easiest thing to control – food. As a matter of fact, females who are more concerned about their figure than males bring out their emotions on food. Some girls who fear the society and pose any memory of some unwanted incident in the past also resolve not to get a good body figure and decide to detoriate it by eating less. It goes up to a point where it goes beyond their control. Indeed, those who research constantly on to finding out the “fattening foods”, would have come across the bad consequences of low weight too. Yet, the unfortunate fact is that, how much ever they try to remain healthy, eating becomes difficult. Same goes to the act of exercising. They get stressed out if they do not get to exercise.
Apart from anorexia, there are many other similar eating problems with slight differences like bulimia, binge eating, etc.
Where is the cure? Merely increasing the appetite would not help because such people eat not for satiety of stomach but according to the amount in plate. Hence, increasing appetite will only aggravate hunger and the resulting frustration and further lack of concentration. This disorder needs specialised treatment. United Kingdom already has a number a number of eating disorder units. Such clinics and hospitals have to be propagated in other countries. Gone is the time of not sleeping under tree in the fear of ghosts. Here is the century where it has been scientifically proven that plants breathe out carbon dioxide at night which is not good to be inhaled. So why still think avoiding food as a curse and take the child to temples and churches. Time has come to take them to doctors and get them treated.
Treating a mental disorder is neither an easy process nor is it quick. It takes effort and patience and above all these, true care with compassion. The first step towards the cure is, finding out the root cause of the problem and resolving it. Then the patient has to be re-fed. Initially the patient has to be fed slowly in order to get the body to get adjusted to more volume of food again. The necessity of eating well has to be enlightened. Emphasis has to be laid upon the ill consequences of mal nourishment. Above all, the patient should never be let alone. On leaving so, the person will begin to eat in their own will and eat less. A motivation to live life in a good way should also be replenished.
A mental disorder is not similar to that of any physical illness that can be cured through medicines or operations. Hypnotism is not a recommended solution, as it may back fire if not done properly. Hence, seek for a professional help. It will definitely take time. It is nevertheless worth the time. Till then, patience from the peers is what is of utmost importance for complete recovery!

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