Throw the boring you out of the love pane

How often we get bored of doing the same thing again and again? After listening to that favorite song for many times, that song becomes a nuisance piece of music and our ears behave resistant to that song. That favorite choc pie of ours becomes tasteless when our taste buds refuse to indulge in more of that. Although the work is to my thrill and content, still after some time I will get tired of that. There is a limit to all of these.

As the day goes on, our preferences are changed according to our mood and interests. Same is the case in love stories. Although he might be the Mr. Perfect whom you saw in dreams riding a white horse or the beautiful damsel u were vying for years and finally u got her, still there will be a point in your life where you will get bored of the person’s habits and attitude and at the epitome of distress, you might burst. Not only you, might she be feeling the same moments, where she will get to know your answer before you actually answer. You become vulnerable to become predictable in front of her. Being predictable is not always bad. Initially she will be happy that she knows you better than yourself.  But after some years, there is a chance where you can be at a loss of your own identity in the meanwhile. Imagine you planned to throw a surprise on her birthday party and pretend that you forgot like the last years, she will guess your intention before you actually prepare for it. And there would be no more surprise hounding on her face. Rather it would be a same boring routine you had been since many years. And finally the party pooper is none other than you yourself.


Usually couples complain of the missing sparks that were flying when they were new to this relationship. New friendship, new discovery of other’s habits  and nature, new budding love, new to butterflies in stomach when you held each other’s hand, new skipping of heartbeat when he called you at midnight, new to feeling special when he gave attention to your minute and stupid conversations. But after few years they found the other to be disturbing, a burden which they much hold along. The calls which were never ending are cut short to few seconds. The name which you longed to see on the message box every time you touched your cell phone, now is left unread. The face which you yearned to have a glimpse of no longer excites you. As there are no more to discover or there is nothing new in his talks, you might take him for granted. Other things seem more important than the one and priorities change. Later it cumulates to regular fights, misunderstandings and lots more. Change should be the only constant in life. I don’t say change your nature for the sake of his attention or change yourself in the time being. There are many ways to make him fall for you heads over heels again.

Do you still envy the initial days of your courtship when you went hand in hand, no talks to take over the stupid smile on your face. Yeah you guessed it right. Relive your days when you couldn’t think anything but him. Go on a date reminiscing like the first one.

dinner date

Try to kill that innocent one girl inside you. If you dared to love him, dare to walk down the aisle to keep this relationship moving as thrilling and exciting as it can. Dare him to do something and in return you will present something he could never guess. Play along with his thoughts and try to initiate smart conversations. Surprise him rather shock him. Surprising him can be too mainstream sometimes when he is expecting that. So better shock him in a way he can never forget. Show up in his office for a lunch date when he expected you busy with other stuff. Change that regular menu on the list to a delightful dish once in a while. Try to change into different attire; you never took a plunge to wear in. He will be equally shocked and surprised to see you in a different avatar.

Sometimes secrets can work wonders. Although in a perfect relationship there should not be any secrets. But there are some things which are bounded by space and this is the perfect time spill out them. Be it the shamelessly stupid things you did or the embarrassing moments you had in childhood, he will be engrossed in your talks rather and giggling to glory.

Try to arouse some pangs of jealousy. He might have lost out the essence of love but you have to make him know your worth for him. Initiate some loud bursts with some other guy. Be it pure friendship, he is bound to fall in this trap and he will treat you as a possession rather than for granted.

Nothing can replace quality time spend with each other. And that too in a unknown place. Make a trip to nowhere. You don’t have the perfect destination, just you both in each other’s arms and roam around enjoying the much requisite holiday for just two of you in a serene sea side. Leave the world behind and live the love on edge…

couple in a sea side

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