Time for Change

The word ‘change’ often sends shivers down our spine. We are afraid to change because we think that after so much struggle and sacrifice, we have become a part of the world we know. If we dare to change, everything might be lost. We are afraid to change because we think that we know our present world. And even though that world might not be the best of all world, we may not be entirely satisfied with it but we know that it will not throw at us nasty surprises and that we will not go wrong in this familiar world of ours. A few minor adjustments when necessary are okay for us but an entire transformation and a radical change frightens us. We just want everything to continue the same way.

We wish we were like the birds or the wind which can change its direction without ever having to explain why. We wish we could do the same, fly high without anybody’s intervention. No one knows where the wind comes from and where it goes. However, we seldom take any action to realize our dreams. We prefer being like the mountains which stay at the same place, solid and respectable. It is nice to dream about how we want our life to be. It is nice to dream that we will have plenty of time in the future to do our traveling and see the world. Our dreams always cheer us up. They make us believe that we can do more than what we are doing now. Dreaming carries no risks. The absolutely dangerous thing is trying to transform your dreams into reality.

But the day will come when we will realize the importance and the need of change. We will feel like changing now. Not next week, not next month, not next year. Now! We will feel like changing our village, habits, shoes food, behavior, etc. We cannot stay as we are always. Life is a bounty of changes and transformations. Change leads us to a new life; a life that we always craved for, a life that we always wished to lead. Change makes us the leaders of our own lives. We must struggle against adversity and overcome obstacles to tread the path of change. Problems should be solved and we must try to serve as an example to our children, parents, teachers, neighbors and keep to the correct path. We must teach everyone the virtue of perseverance.

time for change

Change should be taken in good light. The change that is good for us should be embraced so that we feel proud of ourselves. And we are praised because we dare to change, continuing on the path that we have chosen for ourselves. The correct path is the path of nature, which is constantly changing like the dunes in the desert. The mountains are born out of earthquakes, are eroded by wind and rain, covered by snow and each day they are slightly different even though we do not notice. The trees are bare in winter and clothed in summer. Nature sends across a strong message to be dynamic, to change according to the circumstances and one’s will. It is good not to be the same all the time. One must go forward despite all the fears, doubts, threats and recriminations.

Values and prejudices are made to be confronted and not to be followed all the time. Lord Krishna beautifully elaborates in the Bhagvad Gita that old customs and traditions give way to new ones with time. Time and circumstances decide which values are here to stay and which are not. Blindly following the rituals does no good to humanity. We are often reluctant to change because we run the risk of being a stranger in a strange land. However, little do we realize that it is in fact good to be a stranger and to travel and explore the new world. At each bend in the road. Strangers feel more and more afraid, and yet, at the same time they are stronger and happier. Joy is one of the main blessings of change. If we are happy and content, we are on the right road. Fear gradually ebbs away.

Why embrace change when you have everything you need be it the love of your parents, wife and children? The answer is that we must change for the sake of love of our own being, for our own satisfaction. Nevertheless, we risk taking the first step sometimes out of curiosity, sometimes out of ambition but generally we feel an uncontrollable longing for adventure. The feeling of fear, risk and danger soon gives way to pride at seeing yourself doing what you want to do and going where you always dreamed of going. You might feel frightened initially, but you want yourself to be happy. You will feel wiser and more alive than you thought you were. You will start taking pleasure in the beauties and the challenges of the new landscape. Each step becomes a conscious step. Each step taken teaches you something new. The path of change teaches you the joy of facing new challenges rather than speaking to you of the solace of security.

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