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Most of us are happy with all the modernizations and development around us. With fast food being dropped at your door step and festive shopping done online, we are thankful to most of the techies. A lot of business is done at the click of a button and the excitement builds up at the very thought that we have a month of vacation coming up. But, if we take a minute to think of those living in the dark and where all their life is filled only with gloomy glum nights and not a drop of sunshine, we may be left speechless.

I recently met a gentleman, my family’s close friend who lost his wife in a train accident. While, he called it an accident just to cover it up, we got to know what actually happened on the inside. His wife, who was around 50, was threatened by a bunch of burglars that they would kill her if she doesn’t give them all her jewelry. This woman succumbed to their threat and her husband immediately called up the emergency and the men who allegedly took away the valuables were arrested and punished. This incident greatly disturbed the woman. A few months later, she left for work and while on the way back, she committed suicide by getting hit by a train.

Stress doesn’t necessarily mean pressure from your boss or exam stress. And most importantly, it is not something that is built overnight. Slowly, an incident or an experience gets inside your mind and when you don’t vent it out, starts eating up your thought process and your day-to-day activities like attending your children when they need your help, disinterest at home. Stress, when not treated immediately and when it is prolonged causes, physical and emotional exhaustion.

Children easily fall prey to emotional stress. Most of us may think that they are the least ones that undergo pressure at home. But a lot of children are sexually abused even before they know what it actually means. And this accumulates in their fragile minds as a type of pressure and inculcates some disturbing and emotional imbalances in them. Along with the number of abuses, pictures, movies, a happening at home or outside home can affect them mentally and disturb them deeply. Not that the children are unaware of what is happening to them. They are scared to tell it out to their parents and teachers. They are scared if they may be made fun of and they are not sure if they are allowed to talk about sensitive topics like “sexual assaults” at home.


After children, it is the young girls and women who are disturbed the most by mental trauma. A few years ago, most of the rape and sexual assaults passed off quietly. The abused girl would tell her parents and the parents would bury it deep because, they felt that no one would marry their daughter if anyone gets to know. From there, after one case bubbled up and burst on top of the bucket, one after the other start breaking open. Not that rape or sexual assaults have become more in number now. It was all there. Just that, everything was buried and left unspoken. All the unspoken stuff caused a lot of miseries and bruises to the women and their families. So many lives lost and families left in the dark.


All this adds up to fear, anxiety, frustration, depression. It is very important that we sketch a plan to tackle any stressful situation.  With your adrenaline and cortisol shooting up, make sure you know to keep them under check. Most of the mental stress caused due to abnormal situations, greatly affects your lifestyle, your relationship and health. And when we think if all this can be avoided, the answer is very affirmative.
Dear parents, please talk to your children about what a good touch and bad touch means. Make it easy for them to talk about anything at home.  Be a friend to your children so that they can vent out stuff.  Educate and protect the young girls at home. Ask them to act immediately if they sense something fishy.
Young girls and women, you must know how to keep yourselves armed all the time. Even at home, make sure you have whatever you need to protect yourself within your reach.

Simple talks, morning walks, chit-chats with best buddies, a jog with spouse, cute hugs from children. All this are simple yet powerful ways to keep your physical and mental self, hale and healthy.  Never say no to your child when she/he asks you to spend time with them. Never hold back your emotions when you talk to your spouse. This not only helps you maintain a better emotional balance in your body but also strengthens the bond between you and your spouse stronger. Never say no to a hug from your friend. Hugs have proved to cure a lot of mental disorders.  I have a humble request to be placed. If you find a person talking to himself or looking lost, instead of laughing at them, take some time off to talk to them and listen to their problems. You will never ever want to leave them all alone there.


Sometimes, it feels really good when you know you have nothing buried deep within yourself. Make yourself feel confident and fresh always. When you know you aren’t, then, change something around you, let it out, chill keep calm. For, your mother loves you as much as you love your children and your spouse can never forget the marriage vows he took, all his life.


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