Time For Relief: In Search of Mental Peace


Today we all are a part of a fast running life. We have lots of work to do within the time constraint which we get from the office. Then after coming home we have to give equal time to our family and friends. By having a tiresome day at our workplace we often skip to have a chit chat with our friends and relative. And this is the reason why today people enjoy a mere relation of formality with each other. We all are a part of cut-throat competition in which we all want to be at top and if not at top position then at least ahead from all of our pears. This is the reason why we all are always in hurry and share a stress full relation with our closed ones. This greediness is behind the thrashing of great empires and leaders. Even the countries are not behind to be in race of being more big and powerful. The recent acquisition of Crimea into Russia in the wants of its position in the peninsula for the naval operations of the latters or for the wheat fields and oil reserves of former is an example of the unrest in the minds of the people.
The need and want of today’s world is the peace of mind. A morning tea cup with our family is something which is getting extinct from our daily life. We all are familiar with the pros and cons of it, so in my this article I’ll be suggesting out some ways with which you can cope up with this problem.
A healthy body and soul exist where there is a healthy mind. For the peace of mind we go to the religious places, pilgrims and even to psychologists. But none of them can provide us with it but our self. We our self only can bring peace to one self. Although we our self-know how to bring peace deep inside us .Our concise know that but we don’t pay heed to it which is a crime we are committing to our self. It’s a murder we do to our soul. But if still some say that they can’t hear any answers inside them they can try few useful tips.
One of the most comfortable and useful way is reading .We can read good books of interest. They not only divert our mind but also increase our knowledge. Ah..! By books I remember the story of someone. When he was small he consider himself dump and make excuses for not going to school .His mother told him to read two books a week apart from his course and by the time of completing schooling he was one of the intelligent guys of the school. Well…. he is now a doctor who was the first one to successfully separate the physically joined twins through operation. He is Dr. Ben Carsen. This is how reading not only brings peace to our mind but also energizes us through its magical spell.
When we a get a message from our old school or college friend then it brings a smile to our face and those days memories start refreshing in our minds. So without waiting for others you initiate it yourself. Simply send a message to their inbox. It really works.
Try to spend as much time as possible with your family and friends especially your weekends. Plan for a movie or dinner out with your family, in this way they also get an escape from their daily routine. Help them in their daily work, help your wife in making meals, and help your children in their homework, counsel friends and relatives when they need it.
Besides these, physical activities like yoga and exercise also helps. They not only keep us mentally fit but also help us to be physically fit .They help us to stay away from many diseases like heart diseases , heart diseases being the major reason for the deaths in America, and also keep us active and in a good shape. Also playing outdoor games like badminton, football, etc. will serve the purpose.
And this being the more important one, try to discover new hobbies. A shift in your year’s long schedule will give you some break from monotonic state and land you with some exciting new game and new circle of friends. You even explore your potential in different areas. If you don’t have much time to go out then you can also play games on your pc like chess titans which also provide you with tips and hints and little searching online will help you if you are new to it.
I have seen my people who want to get physically fit and do dieting, fasting methods. They spend weeks without eating anything and just are on liquid diet. I have heard people saying that we haven’t eaten sweets, ice creams for years. But I find that this is very wrong way. If we avoid anything for too long then our body also starts rejecting it. And if you consume it by chance after so long you never know that it harms your body and also produced visible marks as happened with a friend of mine when her lip burned after consuming soft drink after a period of three years. Avoid such threats to your own body. Starving your body for too long is definitely unfavorable. Don’t hesitate to eat your favorite parantha with extra butter and keep on doing non-harmful and natural exercises to burn your extra fats like cycling, skipping . The pleasure you get by eating your favorite food is not achieved by anything else.

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