Time Wasted is Time Lost

We all have 24 hours in a day, being at any part of the world. For some 24 hours is hardly not enough, and for some it is satisfying and some might not even know how to spend it and can be bored. I have heard often about people, telling me that “I just could not make time to that or this” or something like “I just simply do not have time for it”.

The one who masters time is the one who masters his life. So want to rule your life? Here is one way which you can be the master of your self and lead a better and happy life.

OK! So manage your time, is all what you have to do. Its not that easy as I say is it? But, is there anything easy. To have any good thing in life, your efforts are mandatory and without trying harder there is never fulfillment and happiness.

Actually, when someone says that “I did not have time” its never like. there was not any time, it only means that it was below their list of priorities. Everyone have a list of priorities, including the most lazy person whose list tops with sleep and eat the most. Learning the skill of managing your time, might help you plan your day and your activities in a more better way.

Its just impossible to do everything and 24 hours is not just enough is it? It is possible when you mix up the effort with a bit of will power. Now, before we go deep into the logistics of will power, lets just first learn how we can manage time.

Too much work and no play‘ can also make us moody and tiresome which of-course a reason itself for many other problems. So our day should be equally planned in ways where we are able to spend time for work, family and friends and also for ourselves.

So do not let those precious hours wasted, by doing things which might not be needed at that moment instead, the time could be used for something else.

Identify your time vandals


Before we plan our time, its most important to know which task is dragging on and wasting our time. Sometimes, we might do things without any much thought as just simply, its one of our routine and it needed to be done, although it might not have any promising end result. For example, watching television late in the night, while you needed to rest is also one way of wasting time. Yes! Entertainment is also one of the basic need, but not when sleep over rules. So identify those task in your day which can be done later or by someone else.

Make list of tasks


Even our most favorite gadget- cell phones, comes with an app of task list along with a reminder where you can set reminders for the things you needed to do at a particular time, while its most common to forget when we have so many things to do in a day. So make a list of the things you need to do separating it by personal and professional. Make notes for daily and set a time schedule to finish it. Do not overload your work and do not accept everything to do, while you know you will not be able to finish. Do not make false promises as well, as it only leads to more pile up. For example committing to someone for a meeting when you very well know that you will not be able to make free at the time discussed. Line up the priorities along with time for yourself and to people with whom you like to spend.

Learn to say NO


How much can one eat when his/her plate is full? If you cannot say no to the added food more than your limits, the result is only an indigestion leading to vomiting and ill health. Similarly, you can do only as much as you can. Saying yes for all the tasks which comes your way, can lead to wastage of your time. Some of the tasks might not be useful to you. So plan your time in such a way where the things you do should yield something positive. Believe me, your employer also will be happy with a productive work and not with you just working the entire time without a positive end result. So plan your work focusing on what kind of result you need from doing the tasks and be ready to say no to do things which might not be promising for you. Make sure you have valid reasons to say no.

Time for Emails and browsing


A lot of time is wasted on reading emails and browsing the internet. I know its interesting! But is it really required? Many times the answer is no. A better example is checking on the Facebook or tweeting on the Twitter. Yes! We need to be connected with people but there is sure a certain time for it. So schedule a time to read and send your e-mails and be active in your socializing networks. Even at work, e-mails are hence designed in ways it can be marked depending on the priority, and can be saved to different folders based on the importance of the person and urgency. So make sure you plan your inbox accordingly and do not waste time on reading all the unwanted mails. But always make a different time to read all, as we never know, when a silver lining strikes our doors.

Time to relax and entertainment


Our body always sends us signals in its own way, and when you are tired, it means its time to relax and have some time for entertainment and spend it to get energized. Working even when you are tired can only have less results and can slow you down which can also cause long term health issues. Instead, working after a good relaxation can help you to work better and faster. So do not over do it.

Planning is the best medicine to spend your time fruitfully.

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