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I believe we all go through phases in which at least one of the important parts of our lives takes a backseat, or probably isn’t our top priority at that moment. For a certain period, I think it’s almost natural and essential for that to happen. Like, when you’re young, I’m referring to the age group of 5-10 years here, you probably just want to study and convince your mom to let you go out and play till late. You’re not really that shy at that point, so you keep on exploring as to what all you can do with things, you’re fiddly. But slowly when you begin to approach your teen age, you begin to realise the importance of a stable friend circle, and your image suddenly matters, your appearance begins to matter all of a sudden, which you probably never even thought about as much when you were younger. We experience a whole lot of change in ourselves and our priorities too, in those 6 years of teenage.



It’s emotionally one of the most challenging phases of your life, I believe. Because at that time you’re not exactly a kid that you’d listen to everything everyone says, and neither are you an adult that you’re completely capable of making your own decisions. It’s like you’re hanging somewhere in the middle of the two, and that causes a whole lot of internal conflict, it leads to a lot of mistakes too. But I think we learn the most from this phase, especially the importance of having a friend circle, or just a social circle in general. Probably, if you’re lucky, then you’ll have an eventful love life too, which this generation almost definitely does. It’s like your ears are just seeking gossip or something interesting most of the time. I remember when I was in 7th grade, sitting with a guy used to be a punishment. I have no idea what the guy sitting next to me had in his mind, but I was definitely disgusted by that strong smell of the perfume he was wearing. That has changed drastically, let me tell you. I love men’s perfumes now, I think they smell great. Also, it’s the period of raging hormones. It’s when you discover that you could feel differently about the opposite sex and that you could be attracted to them. Children get into relationships pretty early in their lives these days, I can vouch for that because I’ve been one of those. And even though the relationships are usually really immature and do not have a life, but I think this generation’s growing a lot faster than the previous ones due to this instantly getting into a relationship aspect.


When you’re really young, you probably don’t value relationships as much, but eventually I think it does bring in a sense of responsibility. Because at the end of the day, you do have to handle someone else on your own a whole lot of times. We have to make a lot of important decisions in this age too, some related to our careers. They may or may not be exactly life changing, because we have a whole lot of options, and there’s a lot of flexibility in the way you choose to build your career, so there’s less pressure on a person about these decisions they take. But some of them may actually be such that your career depends on them. Then the first year you step out of your teens, you probably don’t feel as different, because towards the end of teenage we do get enough time to prepare ourselves for the rest of own lives. But as slowly progress towards mid twenties, we actually begin to get a reality check about what the rest of our lives are going to be like. It’s almost like a subtle wake up call. Because at this age, you get a job, you become independent, financially and emotionally. You realise that you’re pretty close to that time when you get married and finally have a family of your own. You begin to feel that pressure of settling down and becoming stable in every possible way. And then you get married and officially take over someone else’s responsibility and become much less of your parents’ responsibility too. I think this is when the actual adult phase of your life begins because you’re headed on to a completely unfamiliar life; Maybe not entirely, but to quite an extent. Then you focus on your career for a while, that’s primarily the most ambitious time of your life when you take giant leaps in your career.


There’s family planning post that when you decide to have kids, and welcome a new life into your world. It’s the most rewarding and challenging time of your life both at the same time because it’s a whole new experience of showing someone the world through your eyes. Nobody has ever been as dependent on you. Then finally your kids grow up, they go through all these phases, and you’re constantly juggling between your work and family life, and if you’re lucky enough, your social life, until finally you attain old age. Old age is lonely but it’s peaceful and it’s a reflection of everything you’ve done and who you’ve been all your life. It’s the point of stagnation, the dead end. We’re all going to go through these phases, all you have to do is, make each phase good enough for you to look back at it and smile all the way through, because you don’t get another shot at life.


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