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Life without relationship cannot be possible. Relationships are the strength of our life. They are the soul of our life. God has gifted so many things like mother, father, sister, brother, love, air, water etc. Relationship is one of them. We have a relationship with our parents, friends, colleagues etc. Family and friends is the people to whom you tell them things that you have never shared with another soul and they absorb everything you say and actually want to hear more. You share your hopes for the future, dreams that will never come true, goals that were never achieved and the many disappointments life has thrown at you. When something wonderful happen you cannot wait to tell them about it, knowing they will share in your excitement. They are the people in your life who appreciate having you in their life. They are the ones who encourage you to improve in healthy and exciting ways. They are the ones who not only embrace who you are now, but also embrace and embody who you want to be.  These people that are your real family are the only ones who truly matter.

I will give you various tips to find and foster special relationships in your life. Firstly, I would like to advice you to stay away from negative people. You should always spend time with those people who are smart, driven and like-minded. Always be in a relationship which helps you not in a relationship which hurts you. Try to surround yourself with people who reflect the person you want to be. Always choose friends who you are proud to know, people you admire who love and respect you and people who make your day a little brighter simply by being in it.  Life is too short. If you spend time with people who suck the happiness out of you then you will be always in loss.  When you free yourself from negative people and stay away from them, you free yourself to be YOU – and being YOU is the only way to truly live.

negative people

Secondly, try to forget your past and live your present. I am going tell you a sad truth of life that is there are some people who will be with you till they want something from you or the people who will only be there for you as long as you have something they need. When you no longer serve a purpose to them, then they will leave you.  The good news is that if you tough it out, you will eventually weed or separate these people out of your life and be left with some great people you can count on.  We rarely lose friends and lovers, we just gradually figure out who our real ones are in our life.  So when people walk away from you then don’t stop them, let them go.   Your destiny is never tied to anyone who leaves you instead you are the only one who can make your destiny better.  I am not trying to say that the person who leaves you is a bad person. I just only want to say that their part in your story is over.

forget past

Thirdly, give a fair chance to people you don’t know. We should always remember that the person we met has its own story which force and cause him to change. So we should always give a fair chance to people we don’t know properly. Always believe that everyone has something amazing to offer. Always appreciate the possibility of a new relationship as you naturally go off the older ones that no longer work. Be confident and trust your judgment. Foster and embrace a new relationship knowing that you are entering into a unfamiliar territory. Be ready for a challenge, be ready to learn, and be ready to meet someone new that might just change your life forever.


You should show respect and kindness to everyone. We must give respect to everyone whether he is rude to us or not because it will reflect our kindness and respect for everyone equally and we will be known for our nice behavior with others.  It is a well known fact that there are no classes or boundaries that define a group of people who deserve to be respected.


Don’t change others, accept the way they are.In many cases it is impossible to change the person in the way we want and I think it is rude to try. It’s there life let them live the way they want. Don’t try to change others, give them your support and lead by example and save yourself from needless stress.

dont change

Cheer and encourage others. Always encourage people around you and be happy for those who are making their progress. Cheer for their victories and success and be thankful for their support and blessings openly. Sooner or later the people you are cheering for will start cheering for you.


Be yourself, don’t copy others. The world is crazy they always try to make us like everyone else. But I think it is wrong. We are the owners of our own life. And we should lead our life the way we want. We should make our own path and follow it gradually. If the world laughs at you for being different then you should also laugh them back for being the same.

don't copy

Forget and forgive your past and live present. If someone hurts you then forgive them not because you don’t care but because you don’t want to hurt them back and also don’t want to ruin their happiness forever as they did. Remember that the less time you spend hating the people who hurt you, the more time you will have to love the people who love you.

forget and forgive past

In a relationship,always be loyal. Relationship is all about two people being true to each other even when they are separated. Remaining faithful in a relationship is not an option instead it should be the priority. Loyalty is everything in every kind of relationship.


Tell the truth and keep your promises. Always be open and honest in a relationship.  It is always better to tell people the truth up front. Don’t lie or tell half truth to them and expect people to trust you when the full truth comes out. Don’t play games with people’s heart and head and always remember that love and friendship don’t hurt.  Lying, cheating and screwing with people’s feelings and emotions hurts.

tell truth

Always give what you want to receive from others.Relationship is a give and take process. Don’t expect from others what you are not willing to give to them. In a relationship, if you want love then give love or if you want money then provide value or if you want friendship then be friendly.

give and take

Listen to others. In this crazy world, people don’t need lots of advice; they just only need a listening ear and some positive enforcement. Give them time to speak what they want, don’t interrupt. Give advice to them when they ask you.


Always pay attention to your relationship with yourself.Don’t lose yourself in the process of loving others too much, and forgetting that you are special too. Pay attention to your relationship with yourself, it will act as a boosting factor in a relationship.

pay attention

Allow people to make their own decision.Allow others to make their own mistakes and their own decision. Don’t judge others by your own past because they are living different than you are. What might be good for you or for one person may not be good for another


Stay in touch with people who matter to you. Always stay in touch with people who matter to you, not because it is convenient, but because they are worth the extra effort. Always remember, you do not need a certain number of friends, just a number of friends you can be certain of. Always paying attention to these people is a priority.



These tips will definitely help to foster and strengthen special relationships in your life. Relationships are like mirror they need to be polished sometime to see the clear view of yourself. Be loyal, have trust, give others chance to speak, listen and understand what other say to you, allow others to make their own decision, keep your promises and tell the truth, these all are the small things which we should take care off in order to remain in a long lasting relationship. Mark twain says -” Good relationship are not just about the good time you share. It’s all about the obstacle you go through together, and the fact that you will stay ‘I love you’ in the end.”

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