Toast to a Smart and Positive approach in Life

Are you one those who gets irritated and mad at small thing in life? Are you tired with your mood swings? Well, do not worry; you are not the only one. You are just too frank about how you feel. And if this habit is a boon or a bane completely differs from person to person. Some people have friends just because they accept them and like the idea of being frank and true. Whereas for others, they lose out on good friendship because their friends do not approve of the same idea. Well, your true friends are those who can accept you for the way you are.

Talking on the face, that is telling somebody, something about them (not really positive) is actually the best thing that you can do. Learn to face the truth and never say anything behind the back. But at times, you should know where not to say certain things. Lying is obviously something you do not want to do. So, the best option is to keep quiet and listen. In this case, you are the safest as you never have to SAY it OUT LOUD. Do not talk much when you are not required to. As is said, smart people talk less and listen more; be the smart person when you have a choice. Also, be mature enough to know where to open your mouth. There are situations when you work your mind off and some random person comes up and takes away all your credits. This is a situation where you must fight for the right.

Work smart. Be honest. And be focussed. You should know what you want from life. When you are the honest one for who work is the first priority, you succeed in life. You might not have many friends or colleagues but this should not stop you. You should have your things sorted and your goals organized. Try not to deviate from your path.


When you are the one getting all the praises at work, people around you tend to get jealous. They might try and plot things against you; this should not come as a shocker for you. At the same time, the world is not that bad a place. There are always certain people you can trust. But at work, keep your eyes open and your mind sorted. At the end of the day, your family and your close old friends are the ones who will be there for you and will be happy for all the success that you get in life. Life is full of challenges and competition. So, a smart person is the only one who can deal with it. People will pass comments and throw ridicules; but all these will not matter to you once you reach your goal.

Never pretend to be someone you are not, especially to impress people around you. The people who accept you the way you are will stay with you for a longer time. Just to get into the discussion and limelight, you need not become like the people you want to be with. This completely makes you a victim of peer pressure. Talking the way they like, getting into smoking, drinking, drugs, dressing up like them does not make you a different person. You will still be the same person, trying to portray yourself as someone else.

Solution to this problem: Learn to say NO; politely and smartly. This can solve many issues in your life. But this can happen only if you set your mind straight and do not care about what others say or think about you. If you are one of those typical wannabe people, who try to poke their noses everywhere, then, well, it is totally your choice. As you learn to say NO, make sure that this does not create distances between your relationships. Say NO to things you know are not right to do. Say NO to things you will not like to remember after 5 years.


But then, people will move on, they will not wait forever and hold back on you. Do not even expect them to. Give them their own space. Try to make conversations yourself because the other party might get the feeling, that you are not interested in staying with them.

Give the people around you a chance. If you say NO for everything, they will not even come up to you and ask you for things. They will start excluding you from the general discussions and outings. Have fun in life, but by making sure that you are not doing anything wrong. Have your limits set. If you feel it is not working out, just sit back breathe in and relax. It is not the end of the world. Keep yourself busy with other positive and constructive things. If you have yourself engaged in better things, this will help you gain better experience at the end of the day.

Different people have different priorities in life. Being the smart one and clearing your path in a smart way makes you different from others. Always have a positive approach towards life and assure yourself; whatever happens, is for the good.


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