Train Journeys : Experiences of a Lifetime

The world has become a smaller place due to the advent of various communication media and also various modes of transport. The common modes of transport which we use are car, bus, train, airplanes etc. Of all these modes of transport, trains occupy a prominent position in our life regarding transportation. Trains were first introduced under the name “Wagon ways” and these are mostly used for the transportation of goods from one place to another. Later, trains were made to run using steam and James watt took his patent for building an engine running on steam in 1784.

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However, trains were made open for public transport from 1803, in London. From then on, millions of people have travelled in train. Till date, trains have been the most convenient form of transport to all sections of the society.


How many of us have actually enjoyed the facilities provided by a train to the fullest? We generally go on train journeys with our friends or family and hence fail to completely enjoy the journey. This time, when you go on a train journey, make sure to enjoy  small things which will make you happy and give a good travelling experience. These are the features which make train journey different from other modes of transport and makes people choose railways when compared to other modes of transport.

Firstly, the simplicity. Whichever mode of transport you chose to travel in, including  airways, there is a long queue to check your identity and to check your luggage. Though it is for our own safety, it takes up lot of our time and we get tired going through all those checks. Railways is an easy mode of transport which in in reach of most of the population of our country.

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Secondly, the charm. However long or short a train journey is, it is always found charming by the people travelling in them. Filled with people selling different kinds of food items, ticket conductor coming down to each and every person to check their ticket and fine them if they not have one, there is an appealing feel to travel by train. One gets the feel of being nostalgic recollecting various past memories and experiences they have treasured during the previous journeys. Else if they are travelling for the first time, they will be very curious to collect some of the wonderful memories they ever had in their life.

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Trains provide you with immense freedom. Unlike buses which are smaller in length which force us to stay in one place once we are seated. Coming to the airways, once we are seated in our respective places, we cannot generally move unless we have to go get something or go to the washroom. Sitting in the same place for long duration may irritate us. But in trains, we have an option to go where we want and get want we require without any restrictions. Hence this means of transport provides us with greater freedom when compared to other modes of transport. Also, there is no need for us to switch off our electronics like we do in airplanes.

train-station-photography-2216780-2560-1920               freedom


Comfort is yet other thing which you get in trains. Owing to the reasons above specified with respect to freedom, comfort also is one thing which makes train journeys more preferable. Train journeys generally do not jostle the contents of our stomach. Many of us might be having motion sickness while travelling in a bus or an airplane but this is not the case with trains. The same applies with the luggage also where the contents of the luggage remain intact when we travel in a train unlike in cars or buses.

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Apart from them, trains do not undergo traffic jams and yes, this is the happiest reason one can have.  All these reasons make people choose train over other modes of transport. Train journeys provide an all-round functionality of simplicity, freedom, comfort and at the same it provides personal space too. Whatever may be the reason to get onto train, here is one scenario which you can never miss. Though it is a bit difficult to experience, it is worth enjoying this small thing bringing us lots of happiness and relaxation.

Rain and train make a wonderful combination. Enjoying the rain while you travel by the train is one of the excellent experiences one can have. You could see all the trees moving past you getting wet in the rain and you can absorb the scents of the wet earth. Feels heavenly. You are luckiest if you get the window seat when it rains. But even if you don’t get a seat, don’t be sad, enjoy the pitter-patter of the rain and if you are more enthusiastic, go to the door of the train and feel the weather. And if you can’t even go to the door, along with the coolness of the weather, have some pleasant melodious music, this will equally make you happy.

train-in-rain1             Alaska-Skagway-Train


“Unity in diversity” is one of the beautiful quality that can be followed by a region, state or a country. Train provides the best example for this quality where people of different locations are travelling in the same route to reach their respective destinations.

Trains also provide many facilities  and entertainment which cannot be obtained by other modes of transport. This mode of transport is relatively cheap when compared to other modes. All these make trains the “king of transport modes” attracting many people and giving them many experiences day-by-day.

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