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Life’s essence is lost if we fail to create a balance between life and work. Working all day, at times leaves no time for life. It is our responsibility to maintain harmony between life and work so that nothing significant is lost. Yes, working makes you earn money and promises a lavish lifestyle for you and your family. But, work is like a rubber ball. It bounces back if dropped. However, family, friends, relationships and life are like balls of glass which shatter into pieces if dropped by any chance. Life gives us ample time and ‘n’ number of chances to forge new bonds, heal broken relationships and give time to friends and family. However, we tend to immerse ourselves so deeply in work that we fail to realize the true essence of life.

Spending time with friends and family is an absolute must. It develops your efficiency, enhances your happiness and makes your ride on the planet smooth and hassle free. Traveling is one of the best ways of learning and spending time with your soul and your soul mates. Traveling is like a pilgrimage which soothes the body and soul and renders unparalleled tranquility. An inexplicable calm dawns upon us and we forget the worries and anxieties of our lives. Traveling teaches you some lessons in life that prove useful in the long run.

While we were kids, we learned that traveling was all about seeking out that culture. We were shown a few historical places in different cities and we longed to be there, get ourselves clicked in that touted to be historically significant fort. Let us just think about it a little. If you are in a foreign city, isn’t it far more interesting to go in search of the present than the past? Museums and forts can be seen in pictures too. There is not much to explore there. Obviously, museums and forts are important, but they require objectivity. You must know what you want to see there; else you might end up watching really fundamental things which you could have otherwise seen on television or the internet. The joy of traveling lies in exploring. It might seem absurd but avoid the time and tested ways of traveling. Create your own, unique style. Explore the city. Do not go by the conventional norms. “The 10 best places to visit in Delhi” described by Google might just not be the best. Do not rely on pre researched and pre planned things while traveling. Just follow your instinct!

True, you want to see everything. True, you might not get time for the next vacation. But here is a well meaning advice: Do not try to see the world in a month. It is far better to stay in a city for a week rather than visiting four or five cities in a week. Let the city unfold itself and unravel her completely. Familiarize yourself with the city. Only then will u enjoy your traveling experience. There is a lot to learn and a lot to capture in every new city that you visit. A new world reveals itself to you. The cake is in your hand. It is up to you to savor every bit.


Traveling is about buying experiences, not buying goods. Do not spend too much on shopping for unnecessary items. Instead, spend your money on things you would not need to carry such as tickets to a good concert, restaurants, short trips, etc. These experiences are priceless. It is better to travel alone than in a group as while traveling alone you can explore the new place at your own pace and according to your own budget. Traveling alone means less expenditure and a more meaningful journey. Traveling alone makes you introspect and self reliant while traveling in a group to a foreign place is a way of doing whatever the leader tells you to do and being more interested in group gossip rather than in the place you are visiting. Even if you are unable to speak the language of the foreign nation that you are visiting, you do not have to be afraid. Just try to understand that everybody understands you. Communicating with words is not always necessary. You can make new friends and find support and guidance even if there is a communication gap.

Most of the times, while visiting a new place we tend to draw out comparisons between the new and the old. Do not compare anything, be it the prices, restaurants, lifestyle, bars, etc. Traveling is not about comparing and proving that you have a better city and a better life than other people. While traveling, the focus should be on learning from the new place. Just see what the city can teach you, experience new realities. Observe how different people lead their lives and absorb and assimilate each and every new experience that comes your way without judging the ‘other city.’

Make your journey adventurous. Make sure you follow the road not taken. Wander the streets, explore alleyways, experience freedom and transform your life.

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