Treasure Your Memories

Look back into your past and you will find many memories coming back to you, good or bad, frightening or soothing, encouraging or disappointing they will mesmerize you with the effect they leave on you. Some of them encouraged you to perform better, some of them helped build your strength from within and learn from your mistakes. But there are certain memories that bring a smile on your face as soon as you recall them. Making your first friend, achieving the first prize of your life, facing the stage for the first time are some of the lot. All these memories are meant to be treasured in your heart forever. Life comes only once so make the most of it.



We pass through various phases in our lives like the school, then college, job and so on. Before we jump from one phase to another, we have to make sure that we collect at least a few memories that will remind us of that particular phase. Coming to school days, passing out from the school is considered as one of the greatest achievements in a student’s life. But how many of us bother to stay in touch with those friends whom we bid farewell at the school?

Graduation is the next milestone where we get to decide our career path and pursue our dream career. Generally graduation is expected to be a three-year or a four-year  course. We make many friends during all these time and may be some enemies too. At the end of the day, all it matters is if we are having certain memories of this phase which we can share with our parents, our future partner or children with whom we can proudly share our experiences and happiness.


These are some important milestones which do not come back to us even if we want them to. So enjoy this day and make sure you treasure all these memories for future where a simple recall of these memories will make you smile wholeheartedly.

Stay in touch with your friends no matter how rarely you interact with them. friends are meant to be understanding and supporting. though you do not call them or ping them daily, at least see that you talk to them once in a week or fortnight or just send them a “good morning” or “good night” message once in two days or so. This shows the other person that you remember them and care for them. Also this is the time to forgive your classmates for any misgivings they have done to you in the past. It does not make sense if you hate them for small things like that even after you have completed your graduation. Forgiveness is the best quality a person can possess and it will help you win the hearts of others.

saty in        stay

Maintain your personal diary. Memories or any other incidents are best remembered when you store them in any documented form and diary gives you a wonderful opportunity to maintain the same. It is said that people who maintain a personal diary tend to be more scheduled than others. It helps you recollect your memories when you just go through your diary. Diary is one the most important possessions a person may have. So start maintaining a diary from today and treasure your memories in your heart.

diary                     diary1

Photos and videos are one other beautiful way of storing your life in them. photos taken with friends during various occasions, various events related to the college, celebration of friends birthdays etc. are all sweet forms of holding the memories. They represent your bonding with all of your friends and classmates and they will make you smile the moment you set your eyes upon these photos.

friends                        photos1

Enjoy the last day of your school or college to the fullest. It is your day. You come out of the college or school only once. Enjoy every small moment. Take autographs, click pics with your besties, have fun. Ask for small messages about you from your friends, faculty. Try to implement what they suggest you and maintain those qualities which everyone like about you. This remains not only as a memory but also plays an important role in shaping your nature which will be appreciated by many in the future given you follow the suggestions.

last day1              last day

Memories are a fundamental part in our development. When we are happy, good memories give us more strength and the reason to be more happy. When we are in bad times, memories provide us an assurance that the good times will be back and we shall turn happy once again. They give us the strength and determination and help us fight the obstacles of our lives. Scientists have observed that the memories collected by a person in his life time are mostly collected below the age of 25. You complete your schooling and graduate before you are 25 years old. Only these memories will be remembered by you in your old age. So make sure that you collect great memories that will make you happy and proud.

Memories, though good or bad make a person strong and help him recollect his entire life through those small glimpses. Hence make sure that you treasure all these memories as they make you happy.      memories1                     stay in touch

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