A Tribute to Some Special Bonds

“Sometimes in life there really are bonds formed that can never be broken.”

-Bride Wars

We were brought into this world by a couple of beautiful people who provided us a home, a family and all the love they could. Sometimes we share that home with our siblings, aunts, uncles or other relatives. Then we are sent to school where we make a lot of friends and see our teachers who at times turn out to be our mentors. We go to college or work, see different places, live around different cities and meet hundreds of new people every day. But is it possible to have a few people in your life with whom you truly have that eternal type of bonding? Having someone who knows you and understands you better than yourself? Having a bond that can never be broken, never ever?

unbreakable bond 3

In a lifetime, we make hundreds of friends. Some we have been really close to while some were more of an acquaintance. We stopped talking to some while some left us or both of us drifted apart and moved our own ways. But at times there is a person, whether you know it or not, who has been there with you through all. Who saw you at your best and at your worst and still decided to be with you. And two of you have stayed together through all the thick and thin of life. Well that person doesn’t necessarily have to be a friend. You can have that person in form of a family member, your mom/dad or a sibling, you can have it in your kindergarten best friend or in your spouse. Having it in a spouse can turn yours in a dream marriage whereas such a bond with a friend or a family member, or even your beloved pet, can be equally amazing.

People say that life is short but I believe it can be a really long time, especially if you intend to spend it all alone. We sure have our moments but it can get pretty dark at times or it can kick you pretty hard giving you all the reasons to break down and give up on it. But what can make you get through it is presence of a person or two who can love you every second and give you the strength to love yourself. They encourage you and give you support of all sorts to get you through the difficult phases of life or life itself.

unbreakable bond

All our life people come and go. You cannot keep holding on to somebody who doesn’t want to be with you. A lot of people enter our life, play their parts and leave while only those people stay who are meant to at that point of time. Sometimes there are a few people who are meant to be with you forever.

Today teenagers and youngsters popularly use the abbreviation BFF which stands for Best Friends Forever. Ironic it is that many of those BFF’s last for just a couple of months. Or you can see couples swearing to be together till death do them apart and actually breaking up after spending less than a month together. Are those your true and special bonds? Absolutely not. But think of somebody whom you have lived all your important moments with. Not somebody who has known you from a long time but who has known you the best and understands you when you are unable to understand yourself.

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A lot of people have such a bond with their close friends while some have it with a parent. I happen to have a pretty amazing best friend who has been there with me from past 6 years and swear to god I’m so blessed to have him!

If you look for a reason that why you need to have a special bond then you are going to find a tremendous number. Having a best friend doesn’t just make your life easier but also much more fun. They can be your true confidante whom you can trust with all the matters of life and know that they will give you the best of advice while keeping your secrets safe. They provide you unconditional support and love you to the core.

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But do we truly appreciate the presence of such a bond in our life as much as we should? Are you thankful enough? I fear I am not. Usually we take those people for granted who matter to us the most. We forget to tell them we love them while they deserve to hear it. So look around yourself to look at all those special people who mean to you the most and take a moment to tell them that they are special and make them realize their true worth. It is not impossible to have an everlasting bond that just cannot be broken but comprehend that such bonds are hard to find but once formed they are even harder to break. Appreciate all those bonds which are unbreakable and immortal in true sense while I pay a tribute to mine!

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