Is True Happiness unattainable?

George Bernard Shaw, the epic Nobel Prize winning author said- ‘But a lifetime of Happiness! No man alive could bear it: it would be hell on earth.’ True Happiness is a word that has different perceptions for every person out in this world. For one it might be having true love and for another it might be having a great prosperous career…for some it might be about getting a house of their own and for some it might be to die in the battlefield. Everyone has their own perspective regarding true happiness but the thing is that is it really attainable.

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In her book Mansfield Park, Jane Austen wrote that- ‘A large income is the best recipe for happiness that I ever heard of. It certainly may secure all the myrtle and turkey part of it.’ True happiness is actually attainable but the time period of when it will truly happen is something that you might never be able to predict. There are stories where two people who were in love met after a long time and were together again. There true happiness was written to attain its Eden after a generation and that’s why it took long. For some it might be that there true happiness lay in their successful business and they got success at a very early age which they couldn’t even imagine. Everything depends upon the way the circle of life and time revolves. It isn’t up to you but onto fate and destiny.

Pleasure comes with the fulfillment of desire and it is all about getting what you wanted. Happiness on the other hand comes with the fulfillment of the person and their soul. Most of the times it happens that we intermingle pleasure with happiness and vice-versa and tend to forget what actually happiness meant to us in the beginning. At every phase of life, the happiness term might seem and feel different. You might want one thing at a time and another thing at some generic later time. It all depends upon the kind of thinking and intelligence that you are trying to gather which would help you to truly clarify the doubts in your mind and help you see the sunlight amidst the clouds. It is only through vanishing of these clouds that you might be able to choose what you longed for and feel contented completely inside your heart.


There might be times when you might feel low and the loneliness inside you might want to kill you. You might feel like there is no one out there who is for you and there is no hope in your life. You might never be successful and would die a pauper amidst the hordes of success crazy people. The only thing in life that tends to keep you on track and would help you in getting what you are intended for is HOPE. It is one word that brings you near to attaining true happiness. Hope is something that gets stronger and stronger with each and every possible life experience that you tend to surpass. It is about fighting all the ordeals and obstacles and emerging out of them with victory. Hope is something that is not in the same line as optimistic viewpoint. It is not a conviction but it is more of a certainty that something in the whole lot surely makes sense and it all is great regardless of how it might turn out later on.

Another factor is that it might happen that some of the people might really not attain their share of true happiness. But it might not be because destiny didn’t write anything for them…it just being the lack of hope and a high of hopelessness in the person. For the pursuit of Happiness you need to try everything. Wait for your chances…if you get one then make use of the opportunity in the best manner possible. Happiness really makes up in the height for what it lacks in the length. True happiness is hard to find but to call it unattainable would be not right. They say that you can even find God if you try to find him with utmost faith and worship. Same goes for the case of true happiness. You don’t have to go out and find it but you need to work as hard you could and spread smiles and cheers in life of others and yours too. Sometimes true happiness lies inside your own self and in your own heart. What you got to do is to try and find it out and bring that happiness out. It is not pleasure that can be termed as true happiness but it is more of getting rest in pain and gaining respect in the eyes of others that can be termed as an achievement.

True happiness is for those who have true mind and a happy heart. Do well and gain well. One is never happy as one hopes but he is never as unhappy as he thinks he is. It all depends up on the way you look at the world. With positive thinking, attitude, and a helpful and cheerful heart and with an honest way of living, you can expect to attain true happiness in the course of life at some time. Just be true to yourself!

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