TRUST, The Foundation of Every Relationship


Trust, so compact a word that it remains unnoticed sometimes. There is no denying the fact that trust is the basic need of every relation, be they blood relations or marital knots. A relationship without trust is just like a body without soul. One of the requirements of any relation is mutual- understanding which entirely relies on trust. And in the dearth of this trust, the relationship falls as if a building falling to form a ruin. Why do most of the relations turn sour in due course of time? Isn’t it a very obvious question? No doubt people begin their relation with great enthusiasm but then the vigour loses eventually in the absence of trust. Trust is a two way process, if you want to be trusted, you need to trust the other person as well. Trust, where matters the most in case of partners, it does not lag behind in leaving its imprints in other relations too. Sometimes a simple relation based on trust works better than the huge promises based on impracticality. The one more important thing is to maintain the rhythm of that relation by holding the trust of the other person.


Trust once broken, becomes difficult to retain. And even if it is tried to be brought back, the knot formed in the relation never vanishes. It is necessary to maintain trust in professional relations as well. In this case if the trust breaks down, there is no option for recovery. It is just like the building of playing cards which takes all your endeavours to be built but just a wave of air could lead to its destruction. So, one has to be very cautious when it comes to standing up to someone’s trust. As we can witness, the whole world is getting so advanced and where on one hand this advancement is becoming advantageous and contributing to the welfare of society, on the other hand it aligns certain ailments to it as well. In ancient times, loving a person meant marrying him/her later on but now days this definition of love has taken a very different course. Today, people form relations even without the presence of love. Their so-called relationships are so vulnerable that they do not require even one month duration to break down. This is definitely due to the lack of trust on the partner as well as on one’s own self. Making false promises and giving false hopes are among the major flaws of a relationship. Infidelity, betrayal, cheating are the prominent words, well acquainted with the people these days.


In the history, so many writers and poets have talked about trust and its importance in a relationship. In the contemporary world too people are still writing about it. Also so many movies are based upon this theme of trust in a relationship depicting its necessity. Sometimes, distances create distrust between two persons who are in love and sometimes even the closeness becomes helpless to keep up the relation. Whereas we also see at some places how trust binds a relation. In the absence of love also trust can hold a relation. Therefore, movies as well as literature too emphasize on the importance and need of trust in every relationship, be it personal or professional. It is true that it takes ages to build trust as in today’s world trusting everyone is a bad option. Gone are those days when you could trust a person whom you met a few moments earlier. Trust is a hard word to be found in reality in the contemporary world. Some people are always ready to betray your trust and backstab you wherever possible.  No wonder, you could be easily deceived by the one whom you confide in, the most. But this does not mean all are same, there are still some who deserve to be trusted and could be relied on.


All that can be said about trust is that it is a two way long process. Being trustworthy not only makes you stand better in the society but it enhances your own personality as well. There are always two instincts inbuilt in our mind- good and evil. Though it is in human nature to bend towards evil as said by a great thinker John Calvin but it is entirely in our hands to be sensitive towards our duty for good. However, the evil tempts us to move towards it but we should not fall in its trap. Breaking someone’s trust for your own profit might appear a better option but it seems so, only for a while. In the long run, your very act of losing someone’s trust would push you into the depth of darkness and you would be filled with guilt so much that recovery from there might look next to impossible. In that case even apologies leave your hold. Also, we see that with the fear of being deceived, people do not trust on others but actually the real fact is that to gain trust you should also show trust. Hence, we can observe evidently from the real life examples the importance of trust in every relation we form.


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