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The social netwrok

Imagine a world where you didn’t know what your friends and relatives are doing this instant, a world where you cannot express your opinion to everyone you know in an instant. No status’s, no tweets, no Instagram, sounds prehistoric doesn’t it? Barbaric even. That was only twenty years ago, and in 1994 the world witnessed the birth of the first social networking website. The social network ‘GeoCities’ and the many others that followed it have taken the world by storm.

God Tweeting

Everybody who is an anybody is on at least one social network. It has become our identity and the crux of our social functioning. They have become an inseparable part of our lives. So much so that words like tweeting and whatsapping, etc. have become found their way into the English language.

Today’s generations deem it extremely important to update people about the important events that take place in their lives, for example, they are walking on the road, or staring out of a window, or tying their shoelaces and many other such noteworthy activities.



 “Everyone is living for everyone else now. They’re doing stuff so they can tell other people about it. I don’t get all that social media stuff, I’ve always got things I want to do- odd jobs around the house. No one wants to hear about that.” – Kim Pilkington

Now you can say that, that’s what they were intended for, a place where you can update people about your life. Which is very true, so update them that you’re sick, or that you’ve gone on holiday or that you even won something. I can’t seem to think of any rational reason why people seem to feel the need to update people on a daily or even hourly basis.


And social networking site were actually created to bring people together and maybe even formulate public opinion. They had originated as platforms for the layperson to express his/her opinions and help update their friends and family to know of what’s going on in their lives.



“Twitter provides us with a wonderful platform to discuss/confront societal problems. We trend Justin Bieber instead.” –Lauren Leto

Not only does constant tweeting cause a huge wastage of time, it’s also a hopeless activity. Social networking sites only provide virtual interaction.

Relationships built through social networks need actual, physical contact to cement them.

“On twitter we get excited if someone follows us. In real life we get really scared and run away.” –unknown

Constant usage of social media has become an obsession, an addiction hiding in plain sight. Very few people actually realize that they have a problem or else we wouldn’t be bombarded minute after minute with information and details no one really wants!

This addiction is not only restricted to the everyday individual, but to celebrities as well. In fact some celebrities seem to be the most addicted. In an effort to interact with their fans and in the name of easy PR work they constantly update statuses and tweets as to what they are doing. And if you think it stops there, boy are you wrong, because just when you think this is as bad as it can get, they upload pictures too.


“When you’ve got 5 minutes to fill, Twitter is a great way to fill 35 minutes.”  – Jay Baer.

Social media is bringing about a worldwide change. Due to limited number of characters or in the interest of saving time people tend to sacrifice good grammar and spellings. And since they tend to be such active members of these social networks, this distorted form of the English language overrides their literary skills.

“A lot of people say that social media is making us all dumber, but I not think that.” –Unknown

So we have established that social media isn’t making people any smarter and since nothing from the internet can really be erased, ever, social media can prove heinous to the welfare of certain individuals. People can sometimes say stupid things that have not been completely thought over. They also tend to upload images etc, of them doing things best kept away from the view of their bosses etc.

Facebook cartoon

Due to the rise of social media many companies tend to do background check on their potential employees on facebook, etc. and hence certain content posted may diminish the chances of that applicant to be accepted.


“What happens in vegas stays in vegas. What happens on twitter stays on google forever!” – Jure Kelpic

Also we tend to live in an over sensitized world. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone got offended that I said that.

Since social networks connect people all over the world, from different cultures, ethnic groups, etc., certain remarks could offend a group of individuals. This could lead to hatred, groupism, and overall discontent.

“Be careful what you say in social media, because no matter what, we live in a hypersensitive society where people are just looking for any reason to be offended and make a huge deal out of nothing”! –Unknown

So if you are one of those constant tweeters, take this as advice from someone who’d like fewer notifications, every time you feel the itch to tweet or update your status about something irrelevant, count to ten and think, if someone else had posted this, would you really care?



“A fixation with connecting with friends online comes with a risk of disconnection with friends waiting for you to be present in the offline world.”  –Craig Hodges.



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