Understanding Human: Nature and Psychology


Confucius, the Chinese philosopher in his Analects stated- ‘By nature men are alike, through practice they have become far apart’. This confers it all about the human nature and the mere philosophical concept of it. The questions that you might at some point of your journey ask yourself is how to understand people and the human nature and behavior and why is it that sometimes people behave in a happy-go-lucky manner and at other times they have this gone-with-the-wind aura ? The main reason that we as a human being fail to understand other fellow humans is not because they act in a weird way or in a strange manner but it is only because we aren’t aware of our own feelings and own human nature. It is only through human nature that we tend to make the mistake of trying to fill the gaps of information in between that we have and to think for the moment whether the collected information that we have is enough or not. Sometimes it happens that what we perceived a person to be wise and genius was actually dumb in a certain field and it would happen most of the times because no one is genius in every field, they just are experts in their respective field of study.

Now the connection between understanding the concept of human nature is not very complex but it has means and modes that one needs to learn first. Most of the times it happens that we as humans make the first mistake of attempting to understand the nature of other people by assuming that the same action is performed in accordance to the same intention at all times. And this is where most of the understanding prospect goes haywire. Like if a person likes to show off the new clothes they buy to grab attention then it would be completely wrong to think that they are those kind of people that try to show off their money….it might also happen that that is what they like to wear or they have a different fashion style than yours or it is the kind of wardrobe that might suit their size and many other explanations around.

It is our human nature that makes us see the behavior of a person and categorizing it as offending or loving without even understanding or knowing about the basic concept of reason and intentions. If you see a child stealing an object then the first assumption that you would make is that the child is ill-mannered and has no as such behavioral problem but it might be so that the child is doing the act to grab the attention of its parents towards him. This kind of broadening out your viewpoint is what would basically help you in understanding the concept of human nature. It is not about narrowing down your suspects but by broadening out your views on the ways that the crime would be done and the suspects that come under the scanner with this view and then narrowing them one by one down is the way of grabbing a criminal. Understanding the concept of human nature thus, is one of the most crucial ways of knowing people and about their behaviors and mannerisms. This gives us a way to understand why they do this and how they do this.

Whenever you are on your attempt of understanding others remember that all the knowledge is based on the human nature and the activities that are divided into odd, weird, natural, normal and irrational sort. These are the ways through which you would be able to understand the human nature in their extremes and it tends to serve as a rational basis of judgment. It is easy to know and understand people but there is a systematic learning process for it. You can’t just judge a person by his looks or by his handwriting or horoscope. It is only through the way they live and the way they react to situations and behave with people is what states out what kind of person they are. Sometimes the weakest looking person might come out as the strongest one and the strongest one would be biggest coward you might have ever met. It all depends upon the situation and the thinking that you have. Like It might be that there is someone who is a criminal or kind of a psychopath killer but only by understanding about his history and what trauma he went through which led him astray is how we can know and understand him better.

Whenever you are out there in the field and attempting to understand people then try keeping check on your human nature too as this is the factor that could lead you astray. Keeping check on one’s feelings and also understanding one’s nature would help you to get closer to self-awareness and also to learn how to look at the various perspectives and knowing about the underlying reason for the behavior of the person. This would lead you in becoming a greater judge of human nature and thus, help you in seeing the bigger picture of people and their surroundings and understanding the concept of human nature.

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