Understanding your True Wealth and Realizing its Worth

“The real measure of your wealth is how much you’d be worth if you lost all your money.”


Being rich and wealthy is like the dream of almost every person alive. To have millions in your bank account, a dozen credit cards in your wallet, big house and cars, and the ability to buy everything you need and desire without having to worry about money. Isn’t this what we all aim for and work towards in life? A person with more money than you is obviously the richer one, or at least that’s what we believe. But you can’t really blame yourself as this is pretty much how we have been raised. Study good so you get a great job, be hard working at the job so that you can earn more money and when you earn more you become proficient to fulfil all your dreams. But do dreams really get fulfilled when you earn a particular amount of money? Can you really call yourself wealthy if you have big bucks and do they have the power to make you happy? Or does this whole richness concept is completely misunderstood?

True wealth can never be the amount of money you have, the size of house you own or the car you drive. But your true wealth is composed of many sweet and simple factors. And in order to be prosperous in true sense you got to work a little more towards these alongside you work towards securing a huge payroll.

Your health is wealth

understanding true wealth 2

Usually in the rat race for money most of us forget to pay enough attention towards health and our body. It won’t be erroneous to say that a corporate culture has ruined us. Long working hours, unhealthy eating habits (skipping meals or high junk food intake) and not getting enough rest tends to cause a terrible effect on our health. We in fact take our health for granted while all we care about is earning more and more money. But remember even after you become some successful CEO or a president to a multinational corporation, a deteriorating health is a reason for worry. Earning a fortune but not living long enough or healthy enough to spend it is useless.

Your dreams and achievements make you richer

You might be addicted to earning money and dream about being the richest person alive but those are not the kind of dreams I am talking about. But your true passions, your ambitions and things you really want to do for a self-satisfaction and for happiness but not the things that you do to earn a living. Then it can be pursuing your interest in music and become a rock star. It can be believing in your art or improving your skills as a basketball player or it can even be having faith in your talent and starting your own fashion line. These are your real dreams and your aspirations and the happiness derived from seeing yourself working towards them or fulfilling them is what makes you really rich. Taking a look back at all the achievements you have made or all the accomplishments you have had is a much more exhilarating experience then looking at your account details.

Your Family and Friends are your true wealth

friends and family true wealth

It is rightly said that when you want to see how rich you are don’t count all your money. That will just be a waste of time. Drop a tear and just count how many hands come towards you to catch those tears or to pick you up when you fall down. Being blessed with a family who nurses love and togetherness in itself and which caters warm and truly loving bonds is what makes you feel rich. Having friends who will be there by your side through all the thick and thin of your life is what makes you really wealthy. And you cannot buy any of those relationships with any amount of money you have. But these relations you have to earn.

Your character and being the best version of yourself is copiousness

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“When wealth is lost, then nothing is lost,

When health is lost, then something is lost,

But when character is lost, then everything is lost.”

I recited those lines in a morning assembly during my junior school years. Little did I realize then, that these could have so much meaning. Being a kind hearted, an honest and a sincere person matters. Having a good character matters. At times it does feel like your kindness and your honesty is just a bunch of waste and this world is a totally unfair place but the choices you make, more than it can affect anybody but they can affect yourself and they build up an image of yourself in your eyes. And having a positive self-image can be your true wealth. Being confident of who you are and constantly trying to be the best possible version of yourself is your true opulence and your true treasure. So going all felonious and unethical ways to make a cornucopia while you have fallen from your own eyes is catastrophic.

understanding true wealth

Look around yourself at the people who love you, at the dreams you have fulfilled and those which are yet to be accomplished and finally look within yourself, you will find the pure richness for it lies in things that money can’t buy.

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