Understand a Woman, Win the World

We all know that men find women as someone who is confusing and difficult to understand. They always wonder what a woman’s reaction will be in a particular situation and women always end up surprising them. Men terribly fail every time they try to understand a woman. So the question is are women that difficult to understand? NO, not necessarily.This whole idea that a woman is going to do the exact opposite of what she says might not be true. The difficulty of understanding a woman comes only in the initial phase , but once she is upfront and comfortable with you she can be as blunt as you can imagine.

Men often find it difficult to understand a woman only because of certain major differences between the two sexes. Women are these sensitive and emotional creatures and no matter how hard they try to look at a situation in a practical manner they fail. On the other hand men are these highly practical people and hence they fail to understand a woman’s emotional point of view. Women will never come straight to the point in the starting of the conversation. It is because if its a bad talk they don’t want to hurt you and they would hope that you just kind of understand her. And if its a nice talk , say she wants to confess her love to you , she again will hope that you just understand without her actually mentioning anything. So weather its a breakup or a patch-up she would prefer not being direct.

Women may deny but every women has her little ego. Yes maybe not as big an ego as men have but in certain issues. It is especially in matters of love that every girl/woman wants her man or the guy she likes to approach her first- be it calling her, starting the love talks or asking for a date. It is because it makes them feel special and needed. Women needs lots of attention, not from everyone but definitely from her man. And instead of saying it directly she will give millions of clues to her man which often he fails to understand. Women will not be direct in this case because she doesn’t want to look like an attention seeker , which is an irony.

Women pretend a lot but they do it with the intention of not hurting the other person.It is because women are creatures who wants to keep everyone happy. She may sometimes pretend in front of her man that she is weak so that he doesn’t get insecure or she may pretend to be dumb or to not understand a thing so that her man takes pride in explaining it to her. Women love being favorite of every man in her life- be it her father, brother , her guy best friend or her boyfriend. And yes she loves being pampered by all too but not all the time. Sometimes she wants to be taken seriously and wants to be treated as someone who is mature and grown up.

All women are hidden feminists. She may say something bad about another woman but if a man speaks something funny or bad regarding women in general she is going to fight and feel offended. She might not agree but women do feel a bit insecure if her man talks to another woman and she will start comparing her self to the woman. But she also knows that she is wrong on her part and hence she deals with it in her own way. A woman might be choosy about her clothes but she is not at all choosy when it comes to men , there may be exceptions for sure. If you just talk to her nicely looks may take a second seat unlike in the case of men. A woman makes a lot of effort to make her man happy because once she is truly into someone she just wont let it go that easily. Women are indeed passionate lovers and value their every relation.

Women just hate it when men take everything so casually , especially their relationship. They prefer men who are serious in life , men who have some aim in life. Women desperately want men to understand them even if she is not being direct and she expects a lot out of her man. Women like being chased , it makes them feel confident about themselves. And women are not such jealous creatures as men think , she is just jealous of that one girl who the guy she likes gives most attention to.

Men find women confusing only when women themselves are confused regarding something or when they are unsure of something. Yes women are difficult to understand because they think differently. But it is very easy to make a woman happy unlike what men think because its just little things in life that make her happy. Materialistic things are fine but little gestures like long texts , late night surprise calls , cards ,etc  are things that she is actually going to remember. A woman is very possessive about people and things in her life and realize the importance of everyone in her life.Hence she can be really annoying at times but that’s just her being worried. Women are beautiful simple beings and one just needs to have patience enough to understand them and to know what they really want.

A man’s face is his autobiography . A woman’s face is her work of fiction. – Oscar Wilde

understanding a woman

understanding a woman

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