Undervaluing our Parents


Right from the moment we are born, our parents are there to take care of us. Our birth not only marks the beginning of our lives but it also marks the beginning of a new phase in our parents’ life. A phase that demands strong shoulders to bear the responsibility of our upbringing and gentle yet firm hands to nurture us. A mother takes care of her children in every way possible and a father works hard to provide for the family. The lives of parents are filled with sacrifices that they make for the sake of their children. Never do they complain about it and surprisingly we do not appreciate enough all that they have done for us. It has been almost a year since I moved out of my home for college. I still remember the day my parents had accompanied me to this new city to help me settle in my paying guest accommodation. It was the first time in eighteen years that I was going to be living away from home. My mother is a teacher at the school I completed my schooling from. For fourteen years, I went to school with her and came back home with her. Life was all fun and all the stress I ever had to take was of unfinished homework. As the time to go to the railway station arrived to catch her train back home, my mother’s eyes welled with tears. I can never forget those eyes. The sadness in them. My legs started trembling and I did not know what to do. My father put his arms around my mother and whispered some comforting words. mother All those moments when I shouted at my mother flashed before my eyes. Be it food that I disliked or be it my oversized clothes that she chose for me and promised that I would grow into them. It did not take much for me to vent all my anger out and make her the victim of my cruel yelling. She would cry and only then would I feel bad for my actions. There were moments when I did not live up to her expectations but never did it make her love me any less. She was always there by my side to help me excel in my fields and bore with my occasional uncooperative behaviour too. She is the last person in my family to go to bed at night and she is the first person to get up. My father and me, both of us are unimaginably dependent on her. Right from our socks and undergarments to our lunchboxes, she took care of it all and still does for my father! My father on the other hand, was very calm that day. At least he was pretending to be. I knew he was feeling sad and though he hardly expresses his love for me, I know that being the only child, I am everything to my parents (yes I am glad about it and I don’t want a sibling!). He has been working hard since I can remember and to be very honest, I haven’t seen a harder working person than my father. He worked as a mechanical engineer for more than eighteen years and now is a renowned professor of Finance in the city. His students and colleagues have always been singing his praises to me. In one word, he is a genius. However, I have never ever told him that I am proud of him. What is worse is that I do not remember ever telling him that I love him. I am proud of him and I do love him. I have always been telling myself that my dad never spent enough time with me and was always busy with his work. Today, when I live alone and have to pay for things from my pocket, which is filled with money that my parents earn, I understand how hard they have worked for me. When you see money going out of your wallet, you see the number of hours that my parents have put in so that I am never short of finances to get a quality education and a great lifestyle. Dad Every parent acts in the same way. Clothes to wear, food to eat, a house to live in, education and our silly little demands are all taken care of by our parents. All parents are not financially strong but I can assure you that all parents give it their everything with a smiling face so that we have a bright and secure future. Those of you who too went to college away from home know how hard it was for your parents to let you go and live all by yourself. You must have seen your mother sacrifice her own needs so that you don’t have to. You know that no matter how strict your father can be or how busy he is, he always has your best interest in his mind. We cry over the things that we do not have but rarely does any of us call his parents and thank them for everything they have provided us with. The bottom line is, parents are not perfect but they are the best for their children. They are the most influential and powerful teachers in their children’s lives. Every parent dedicates a huge part of their life taking care of their children and we do not get to know of the sacrifices they have made, the pains they have taken to groom us, the sleepless nights that they have endured to be there for us when we needed them and the countless things they have done for us and we can never ever repay them. There are instances when people abandon their parents or do not call them enough. There are times when we do not let them feel that we do appreciate what they have done for us. They do not look for our appreciation but it is the least we can do. It will put a smile on your parents’ face when you do and that my friends, will mean the world to you.

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