Be Unique, Be You

“you are different you aren’t doing this the way it should be done…you are not being like others and you aren’t really obeying the norms …you are crazy and you are weird but still you are cool… everybody in our family follows such traditions I wonder why are you born this different”. These words have become a part and parcel of my daily life. After getting so much of mixed reactions from the people I really care about I have started pondering a lot over it “is my being different really a thing being overrated by everyone?” Well being different is not weird the way many people perceive it to be. It just means that you don’t blend into the status quo perfectly. It means that you don’t completely fit into the everyday jigsaw of life. What may be fruitful and worthy for others may not be at all suitable or applicable for you.
being you

Everyone may be partying hard in the weekend you may be busy dealing with a difficult assignment, while others may be planning a movie you may just want to just relax and read your favorite novel, when others might be busy planning a shopping spree and a hectic yet fun filled day instead of joining them you may want to sit down and think of ways how you can follow your passion and turn your dream into reality. This is what being different actually means. Your thinking, your mentality, your way of dealing with situations, your perspective about life are quite different from others. Sometimes you may wake up in the morning and start thinking that if you could stop being different altogether and you should be like everyone so that you could get some sense of disparity. When such thoughts takes hold of you just sit down and think do you really want to be in the box and not out of the box? , do you really want to shun all you creativities and innovative ideas? , do you really want to make your existence limited, boring and mundane… I am sure none of us really want that to happen because being who you are really matters. It is better to embrace your differences, because what may be good for the goose is not really meant for the gander. You are the one who has to decide who you are and where you are headed. You are the one who is responsible to determine what is really good for you… What really works for you and what doesn’t. Even the bible says so. Jesus persistently persuaded his followers to be like salt; to spice up the world with innovative and inspiring ideas and never to keep their heads down rather open up to embrace any kind of change that is beneficial for the society. As Rollo May says “The opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice…. It is conformity”, he certainly had a point. Many people hold back themselves from presenting their innovative ideas, dreams, hopes and aspirations from the fear that they might be drawing undue attention. They fear that if they are wrong the might be punished or ridiculed or shunned by others.
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When you are being different, the generic rules certainly don’t apply to you. Even though it is a little tricky but yes it is a part of the whole being different thing package. You are your own guide and you have to set up your rules and regulations. The real successful people don’t play by the societal norms. They don’t do or follow what others are doing. They set their own rules, they play their own games. They take decisions which would be best for them. They set their own goals and pave their own destinies to live their lives. Those who seek conformity never back up with their ideas even with force. Each and every individual is different from one other. No one is born as a copy of another. That’s why being yourself is more important than anything else. It is even more important than the fear that confines people into confirming and suppresses them. That’s why many people today are leading a life of disappointment, frustration and desperation. They denied who they really are with a hope that the powers they get would be a real reward for them. All they got rewarded with was being a person with mediocre ability and a frustrating and depressing life which isn’t worth living rather it is worth nagging about.

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You will have to pay a price for being yourself. You may have to suffer major setbacks on your path because you have chosen a road less travelled. Trust others and most importantly trust yourself and walk down the path with patience and perseverance. If you are hell-bent and determined to reach you goal then be ready to face whatever comes your way and never give up. Keep yourself motivated that the day is not far behind when you would be where you actually should be and you would be getting what you really deserve.

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E.E. Cummings once said “To be nobody-but-yourself-in a world which is doing its best night and day to make you everybody else-means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting”. So go ahead and be proud to stick out. Fret not if you even don’t fit into the rules of the world rather create your own rules. You are not weird or crazy but there is a word for you… yes

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