Unite, Don’t Divide!

Division in the society is not new to us. Every age has witnessed divisions in society based on several factors. Be it any part of the world, divisions among people never ceases. These divisions could be based on many factors like religion, class, race, gender and so on. And not only the under developed and developing countries hold these fragmentations in the society but also, the developed countries lag no behind in this course. Rather, humiliation and assailment incidents mostly come from these places. Why is it impossible to find a single utopian society anywhere in the world? The reason behind this is the same division this article talks about. From an uncertain prolong period division in the society is observed in one or the other form.


Division on the base of gender is a very old issue. The disparity between male and female sex is not hidden from anyone. The unequal treatment given to the females is known worldwide. Even though the world has become modern and with time women have got hold of certain rights to empower themselves yet injustice to them is not disappeared fully. Cases of rape, domestic violence, and female foeticide at many places make it even more evident. It is true that now women have started entering into the domains that were considered reserved for men but unequal job opportunities for women and an unsafe working atmosphere for them are still there in the society. This biased attitude towards women is still prevalent in some parts of the world that is creating a hindrance in making the society an undivided unit. So, it’s time to come out of the shackles of gender biased notion and weigh the society on a balanced scale.


Another major issue that the society is facing is the segregation of society on the stands of religion and culture. The best estimated number of religions in the world is around 4200 and as it is known, with every distinct religion a different culture and traditional aspect is attached to it. Now, people in the race of showing themselves superior don’t stop making loud boasts about their culture and this becomes a very prominent reason of fragmenting the society. Though the world has seen unity in diversity at many places but still the division remains undefeated. Communal riots are a result of this inequality only that shakes the foundation of the biggest religion on the earth that is humanity. Why can’t people follow just one religion of humanity when each and every religion teaches to follow it? Why is this division so necessary? At one moment of time we say that ‘God is one’ and at the very next moment we deny our own statement by differentiating among various religions and cultures. And not only this, there are still so many sub-divisions within the religion itself that makes the scenario even more complicated and problematic at the same time. Why can’t we treat every religion at the same level? there is no harm in devoting yourself to your religion but you should also develop equal respect for other religions too.

Now we talk about the most widely faced problem, which is of class division. Dividing the society on monetary basis is practised rampantly even today. People follow class division, if not directly by giving names to separate groups, then by indirectly showing with unequal treatment. In today’s world where the importance of money is more than that of human beings, distinguishing people on this basis becomes obvious. The whole concept of class hierarchy came from Britain where people depending upon their social status were put in different classes. As said, ‘money speaks’, the implication is visibly seen as the person with good fortune in terms of money has more say than that who lacks in monetary possessions. Not only in terms of social ranking but people with less money are also devoid of opportunities for growth and generally tortured. Only a person who already has sufficient amount of property grows while the other suffers as he had been. Poverty thus becomes a curse because of the attitude of other people. And this is the time to change your attitude and mind-sets and make a liberal society.


These divisions in the society have become an inbuilt disease in the people. Even if some people try to remove these barriers of society for its full development others don’t let it happen. Actually, the division or difference lies in the mentality of people. If this social evil has to be removed from the society, first it has to be vanished from our minds. The mind set of people who believe in the fragmentation of the society is very dangerous towards the society. Though a lot of efforts are being made in this direction yet the aim is not completely achieved. A long distance has to be covered so as to make the world free from demarcations. We all are born in the same way and die too in the same manner then why different people are seen with different perspectives. We have made boundaries not only on geographical level but within our minds. Until the demarcations in our thinking are broken, boundaries in the society can never vanish. A lot of efforts are being made through UN, several NGOs and NPOs to remove the divisions from the society due to various causes. Still there is an urgent need of the contribution of all citizens of the world to work in this direction so as to make the whole world judged on equal scales without any difference in the treatment.

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