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Many of us would have thought of becoming dancers or singers or theatre artists when we grew up. I am pretty much sure, those many of the people including me have ended up in or the other undergraduate college which is completely different from their dreams and working way too hard to make their way through the uninteresting aspects of their subjects. While we were small, we used to think of all the opportunities that would knock at our door once we are equipped with all the resources. We would think of joining a dance school, or maybe get admission into the arts college or it is even possible for some of us to be thinking of becoming a scientist one day. Of all the dreams that I have heard, the most fascinating to me was to get a job as an astronaut in NASA. Whomsoever I have asked about the childhood dreams, everyone’s reply was unanimous. They all wanted to become an astronaut in NASA. Space has been attracting millions of people but only allowing a few to get into the seat. The reason may be other way around too. You would have been slacking in your efforts to make your dreams come true and missing out on all the door knocks.


The reason behind most of us ending in unwanted degrees and jobs is that we are too afraid to realize our dreams. Even if we do, we hardly think of it in any positive manner. The fact of the matter is it is not a dream if it is not weird. Weird dreams make you stand out in the crowd and you are the most cherished person out there. Unleashing them from the bounds of slavery of your mind and unwillingness to fulfil them will actually let you truly realize your goals. If your road to success is not messy, then you are definitely on the wrong path or not walking at all. The secret to a perfectly carved life is the extent to which you realize your dreams and have the courage to unleash them. if you are skeptical about whether they will be fulfilled or not, then you are not giving yourself a chance to win over the situation.


The recent studies and statistics about a group of people showed some interesting and mind boggling results. The people who were working their favourite hobby had a perfectly smooth running life. They were least worried about the ups and downs of the market because they knew they had the talent and it is bigger than any other parameter. Their lives will not be affected by the petty issues of work lethargy and tiredness. They would be in all reinvigorating and basking in their work. Work as per them will not be a burden rather a means to make your life fit. Hence the important thing is to identify that aspect of your nature which you are best at. You are pretty sure about the success rates if you follow your heart and your dreams will find one way or the other to be near you. They will be fulfilled in meantime.


Dreams are the slits to the magical world of positivity and optimism. They let you in but once your mind is stretched by the new idea, it will never regain its original condition. It will be deformed forever unless you give it another one. Discover new ways to break through mental barriers and roadblocks. If you wish to apply your creative thinking to the real life work, then you must possess the courage to accept your dreams in front of everyone including your family and yourself. It is very important for a person to happily accept his choices and potential. Until and unless we are able to be honest with ourselves we will not be able to make our dreams come true.


Meditation is often prescribed by the self help teachers to realize your true potential and work towards it. One can actually use meditation as a tool to motivate in our daily practice. Recognizing the mere fact that your dreams are perfectly normal and you have limitless potential to fulfil them. I read a beautiful line somewhere which went like it is only the stories that we tell ourselves repeatedly which prevent us from realising our potential. If you want to experience the true nature of mind, then you must not be fearful to let go off those stories. Have some solitude time with yourself. The time spent with one’s mind and body is the best time to explore your aspects and be a better person altogether. Learn to sit and meditate for a while. It is very easy for us to wander away as we close our eyes. It seems that the thoughts which would have otherwise never haunted us come alive when we sit to meditate. Learn to tame those thoughts and your mind. The arising of obstacles is in the process of dreaming itself. When you are faced with ho hums, and then you are on the right path. And lastly, in order to become really good at something, one must be completely dedicated. You are required to show up, to engage and to participate in all the opportunities you are gifted with.

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