An Unsung Hero Who turned My Life

My mother was the only one person in my life. She was the reason to live the life. In a village, where women were suppressed and undervalued, she struggled hard after demise of my father to fulfill my necessity. I wasn’t so mature then. I was only 11 years old child, busy in playing with friends but very soon I had to turn mature because my one and only strength was going low. She had started to be sick and day by day was getting weaker. She couldn’t go to her work due to her ill-health and this is the reason which pushed me to think about work.

An age when children enjoy their games and innocence had silently given me a kind of responsibility. A mother, who used to love me the most in the world, was in need of a support and hence I had to be strong internally.

Subconsciously, there always used to be a fear and concern about her. She was the only one for me and I couldn’t see her in this condition. Villagers and so-called relatives were also not supportive to us. They used to look at my mother from a different perspective. Conditions were not so favorable. I also used to feel helpless at times when my mother used to fall ill badly.

Situations were going worst and I had to find some solution for it.

I had heard from my friends and people of my village about the city that there are many opportunities there to earn money. Many people from our village had shifted to city for work. In the village there was also a myth that if we work in the city, we can earn lots of money in short time period. I was continuously hovering over this option as only this one seemed promising to me.

At that time, this was the best option for me and I decided to go to the city via a train which used to go to the city from a village almost 30 km away from ours.

I knew, my mother was alone there in the village but to earn money I had to leave it. I kept on thinking about my mother in the train and was fearful inside about the city. I had never gone there. I didn’t know where I wanted to go? I just ran away from my village as only this was the option I could think about at that time.



I reached there but I had no idea of where to go and how to earn? Yes, the only thing I knew that we could work in any hotel and earn money. I had heard about it from people of my village and so I did this. I got the job and free meal too for that night. It was all new for me and I felt really happy about it. An uncle of my village, who was the only one to support us, had given me the telephone number written on a small piece of paper. It was in my pocket. I slept outside of that hotel with few more workers of there. I remembered my mother that night very much.

Time started to move with its speed. I got busy with the work and was assured of the economical help. I had also talked to that uncle in the village and he also assured me of my mother’s good health. Though sometimes she used to face uncertainty related to her health but that had always been a case with her. I had started to experience an altogether different phase of my life. Away from my known place and most loved mother, alone in the city, I was growing slowly.

With passage of time, various changes took place within me. I think, it was a result of company in which I was working. The people with whom I was spending my day and night, subconsciously, it was impacting me.

It was a tender age, an age of curiosity. I was the one, who was the only kid among all the young workers. They used to treat me normally, the way they used to treat other people. Sometimes, I used to find it harsh but I had to listen to them as they were elder than me.

They all used to smoke and indulge in intoxication, that too more often and I had to live in that atmosphere. They had offered me these things many times but after some initial rejections, I couldn’t resist to it. I had also tried it twice or thrice but after third time, I realized that I enjoyed it. This led me to a kind of addiction to it. Initially, I couldn’t understand but slowly I realized that I had been trapped by it.

Other privileged children used to go to school at this age and I used to work in that hotel. I had accepted that my life could never be like them. I was a poor child from a village, whose only aim was to collect money for his mother. Working all the day continuously, the kid inside me had now been suppressed somewhere by situations.

Sometimes, automatically, I used to cry at nights. At that time, I really didn’t know why I used to cry? loneliness or a sudden change in life might be the reason which used to get erupted as my mind used to be free.

It had been more than two months that I had not seen my mother. I was really missing her. I was busy doing my usual job in the evening time and then my owner called me saying that there is a call for me. I went and attended the call. I couldn’t believe what was told to me by my uncle calling from my village. I was numb after that phone call. I wanted to cry and scream and just didn’t want to accept the matter. I was a little kid and this scenario was a huge one to face. I sighed and broke into tears. I couldn’t believe that my mother had passed. I ran away instantly from there. I kept on running here and there as if I didn’t want to accept the truth. Tears didn’t seem to stop from my eyes. I had lost my sanity, I just kept on running. I didn’t know where I had reached? I became unconscious and fell down.

I was on the bed when I opened my eyes. An old man was worshiping, I could hear him chanting and could see him enlightening the lamp through an unclear vision. I woke up and sat on the bed. He came near to me and asked me about last night’s happening. I was still petrified and as he asked me about last night, I started to cry again. He hugged me tightly as he saw me crying again and continuously. He tapped on my back. After a long time, someone had hugged me with so much of love, I just melted down. He kept on tapping on my back and I finally told him about my mother’s death. He consoled me and assured me that everything would be fine and alright.

He also asked me about my work and life. I told him everything. His genuineness might be the reason that I poured out everything which was there inside my heart.

He told me that he would keep me with him. Initially, I felt bit awkward but his warmth hug and true nature had assured me of his goodness. He told that he would send me to school to study and teach me many skills.

Next day, we both went to the hotel where I used to work. We informed them that I wouldn’t work there anymore. He told to them that I would study and not work.

This was the beginning of my new life. A man, who never knew me, accepted me and my dire life situations. He took my responsibilities like a father. He didn’t have much money but whatever he used to earn by working in an electrical repairing shop, he shared that with me. Only because, he didn’t have any child and I too had lost my parents. With time, this bonding between him and me kept on growing beautiful.

A life that had lost its innocence and beauty had been brought back by that unsung hero, who silently supported and helped me. His goodness and upbringing made me a different person altogether.

I had never imagined that someday, someone would enter so selflessly into my life and turn the life entirely. Yes, I had lost my mother but it was a new starting of my life with a person whose conviction in goodness and life values carved my personality.

Life had changed. I had started to go to school and in free time, had started to learn the skills.

Really, world is full of good people and it’s only because of them this world is still running.

Today I am a teacher and credit goes to my hero, who turned my life completely.

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