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Every day, the sun rises before we wake up and enlighten the world. Have we ever thought that what will happen if the sun doesn’t rise even for a single day if he feels sleepy? It’ll make our day hard. Everything will get unbalanced and there will be improper functioning of the entire biosphere because we all depend upon sun directly or indirectly. Our life will come to a standstill. Thus not rising of sun even for a single day will be the greatest imbalance in its own way which will hit hard life of all the organisms. It is only the disciplined nature of the sun that everything is in its right way.
It is only the discipline of the sun that the sun rises every day that too in the east direction and sets in the west and provides way for moon to set. The sun and moon have followed the same routine for years and centuries and have never missed even a single day. This is what known as the discipline of them for which we respect them. Discipline plays an important role in nature, so as in human life. Human life is somewhat incomplete without discipline. It is important for every person.
Now an important question comes to our mind is that what is discipline? Many people have many misconceptions about this term. Some people say that discipline is about being on time for every work. To understand its basic and exact meaning, let’s go to the origin of the word. The word discipline comes from the word ‘disciple’ which means a learner. Therefore, discipline means to obey and learn certain rules which are necessary for a peaceful life. We can say that discipline is a teacher which teaches us so many important aspects of life. It teaches us self-control, obedience, co-operation. While some of the aspects are learned directly while some are indirect outcome of the direct ones.
When we hear the word discipline, armed forces come to our mind. Discipline and officers seem to be inseparable from each other. They are like two sides of a coin. An officer must do what he is commanded to do. If he starts questioning his seniors then no war can be won. The countries will die of internal unrest instead of fighting against the outside enemy. It will put many innocent lives in threat of danger.
At personal level if we see discipline then it involves daily life of going to school, office, or factory. If we go to school or factory on time then definitely we’ll be able to complete our work well on time and return home on time and can spend time with our family members. By completing task of office on time we’ll achieve good reputation in office and can even expect a promotion. Thus by being disciplined we can maintain a balance between our personal and professional life. It also teaches us an important aspect i.e. punctuality. And by doing this we can even set as an example for others.
Now coming on to family end, where we all live in a very friendly and corporative way. Now by adopting disciplined way of life , other family members will learn from it, its value Parents will pass on this important trait to their children and thus they can carry it on from generation to generation. It will help them in a kind of right character building and that to implementing at their growing age they’ll learn it quickly.
Discipline is equally important in schools and colleges. School is a second home to children. Through discipline, children will begin to respect their parents and teachers. They’ll learn classroom manners. Students will learn how to cooperate among one another. This will indulge in them quality of cooperation with each other and will create a healthy environment in which teaching by teacher and learning by students will become more enjoyable and fun filled. Also it’ll help them in playground. By obeying rules of game they are indirectly implementing discipline. Thus they’ll become good sports person and even this will inculcate in them team spirit.
Now suppose that you have to deposit money in bank in your father’s account so that he can withdraw money and make necessary arrangements for your sister’s marriage by booking the marriage palace. But the bank didn’t open on time instead it opened late and your father receive money late. And in the meanwhile someone else booked the palace. So it would be a great trouble if various organizations will not open up on time. Therefore no office can be run without discipline. Every official must know his duties and work accordingly. Otherwise everything will come to an end.
Therefore the discipline means mutual help and cooperation. Our strength, progress, stability, mental peace and prosperity depend upon discipline. It is discipline only that teaches us not to be selfish but also to work for a common good of human society. It would therefore avoid many quarrels and violence. Most important thing to be understood is that discipline is not at the cost of our freedom. But is meant to use our freedom wisely. Self –imposed discipline is the right discipline.

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