Little grains of Sand, Make the beauteous Land

little things

‘It has been a long axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important’,- a quote stated by Arthur Conan Doyle in his famous book, ‘The adventures of Sherlock Holmes’ is actually an apt remark on the importance and value of little things in life.

The beauty of the flowers….the power of sunshine to provide brightness in the lives of people….the gorgeous gardens and trees with breeze flowing incessantly….the fresh air of the morning and the soothing sound of the birds chirping…. All these eventually are the nature’s example of little things. As a child you might have noticed all these in the finest form but now as we are gaining age and getting immersed and immobilized by the crowding stress and combats of daily life struggles, the value of these little things have lost their place in our lives.

Time has taken its toll on everything relating to the love that we had for nature and its beauty as a child. T.S Eliot has beautifully phrased that- ‘Time present and time past, Are both perhaps present in time future, and time future contained in time past’.

Little things and their actual value in life are seen in moments. After a hectic day of work when you reach home and your loved one or someone from the family provide you with a glass of water or lemon juice, it just rejuvenates the energy inside of you. This is a small gesture but truly a loving one.

Then another example can be taken in the love front. When you are going to meet your lover, you tend to take a rose for her or a gift for her. It is something which might put a smile on her face and also lead to the fact that she is important in your life and through this you let her know this time to time.

Also it happens to create a mutual understanding between you and the lovers fire is ignited at times. Small things really matter in life and these are what actually lead to the bigger and extravagantly ornate life happenings. Even some gestures like donating alms to orphanage or being volunteer in various NGOs or donating blood to the blood bank are things that do make a difference. There are people all over the world that tend to see the world as a place of corrupt identities or more so a bunch of hateful, spiteful, antagonistic, obnoxious, malicious and malignant personalities.

The sere pasture of life is the result of these people being in the world and creating a social faux pas of sorts. Cohabitation is the real mode of existence in today’s world and it is rather better than being uncouth. Doing what others do and creating the venomous branch of negativity should not be your priority. Make the hatred get hated. ‘Be the change that you want to see in the world’, Mahatma Gandhi had said.

It is only through appreciating the little things in life and feeling the importance of optimism that you would be able to understand that life is not only about the bed of thorns but it has to be lived by being roseate like the rose. It is not through facial expressions and a grimace and furrowing brow that you show the displeasure of the world but by smiling that you should see the world as a peaceful and successful place. By giving the appropriate place to the little things in life, you might be able to experience the transcended incipient phase of positivity in your life. Do good to gain well and be brave even in times of trouble. The travesty of life should not be banned but enjoyed by you. It is a laudable approach of living life to the best. Be happy with the advent of small things in life. It is what actually matters and it is what is stipulated as being of utmost active way of understanding life at its best. The group of ants work together so as to gather food for winter and they teach us the value of unity….the birds build nest for their eggs and protect them until the eggs hatch and then get food for their children and help them learn how to fly and this teaches us the value of family….a group of children fight with another group of children because the first group’s leader was hit by the second group’s leader and this shows the value of friends.

The little things actually teach us the value of life and the value of various other elements that actually constitute life. When we grow older and life is actually difficult to live…the world seems as a place where you got to have money or you are nothing more than nomad of sorts…you just forget about the value of life. Through observing these small things and learning from them the value of friends, family, confidence and a will to live life is what one needs to do. Nothing that costs a dollar is worth having and so is life. So live it in the best possible way and give value to the little things in life…it is these things that make life worth living for.

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