From Self Conscious to Self Confident – It’s a Fine Line


When was the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror and smiled at your being?
Felt happy about how you look? The smile you have? The person you are?

If you are one of those people who think a hundred times before talking to somebody, initiating a conversation or the ones who simply avoid eye contact with people fearing how their appearance is,or how they speak or any other factor,
then you need to realize the value of self confidence.
Self confidence plays a major role in shaping your life.
All the actions you do,all the work you undertake, if not done with confidence ,cannot reach its successful end.
It’s a fact, the people who do not believe in themselves fail to give their ideas the shape they dream to give ,just because of the fact that they dwell on negative thoughts regarding their capabilities.
They think a lot and become unsure of themselves.Even if the things the person is good at becomes difficult for him/her to do in new situations or in front of new people,simply because the person becomes conscious of himself.
The person keeps imagining how the perfect conversation should be and how the person should be conducting himself before hand while going out somewhere.
Mostly,what happens with the people who go through this is, while speaking they fumble a lot on words or sometimes even stammer. They do not find the required words to be spoken and they look hesitant and nervous.
They stay conscious of their body language,folding their arms or legs, keep worrying about how they are looking, and how their body language is ,rather than focusing on the conversation .
They stumble /shake while walking and embarrass themselves even more,which takes down the little confidence that they have too .The person looks very awkward and uncomfortable with himself.
It’s just because the person is doubtful about his/her appearance or conduct. They keep thinking about what others will think of them and thus,wants to portray the best of themselves.
The image of the person,which goes across to people is of an under confident,self conscious person,who is awkward with himself/herself.
We come across people in our lives everyday who are like this,but don’t realize that why they are this way.
The people full of confidence stand out from the crowd. They look bright and attract everybody towards them like a magnet.Every body likes to talk to people who are this way,and you must have noticed too.
A confident person is sure of what he /she wants to do and makes it happen by not dwelling in negative thoughts or self doubt.
When a person doesn’t worry about failure or disapproval from others, that person focuses on the actual situation which leads to enjoyment and success in the work they are doing.
Self confident people are more successful in life as compared to under confident people, who are not able to achieve much just because they surround themselves with negativity by their won thoughts.
So,if you feel you are under confident. You can always start now to change your thought process. Follow these simple  steps:
– Understand,it’s all in the mind. Start programing your mind in a way that you have all the confidence in the world and you are no less than any body else. You are a strong personality who can change the course of his/her life.
    Believing enables you to make it happen.
–  Looks/accent/body shape/race/ does not have anything to do with what you are and how people receive you. If you are confident enough to strike a conversation with people and are at ease with yourself,you will be received well.
–  Start looking at yourself in the mirror a little longer than you already do. It helps!  (Its not for the people who spend hours in getting dressed and staring at themselves :P) .
– Speak to yourself in the mirror and make you,your best friend. Explain to this best friend that you are no less than anyone. You are the one and only kind in this world and you should value who you are. To simply stop comparing              yourself to someone else’s definition of perfect!
– Smile! Whenever you walk in into any room, to the people you meet. Make eye contact with people whom you come across (with caution, of course :p)
  With a smile, half of the battle is already won. You come across as a welcoming and confident person,who is at ease with himself/herself.
–There is a thin line between confidence and over confidence. Being confident is believing in oneself and working hard enough to achieve what you plan for your life.
Being over confident is thinking that you can do anything in your life because you have it in you,but you don’t work hard enough for it and leave it on your confidence to achieve.The latter,is always fatal for your life goals.
So don’t forget to accept how you are, be at ease with yourself and strive for a better you. In no time you will achieve the self confidence you need and you won’t even realize when – So make arrangements to welcome the New You.


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