The Value Of Time

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Henry Van Dyke famously stated that- ‘Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice; But for those who love, Time is eternity’.

All of us need time…time to complete our work…time to eat, sleep  and do our daily chores, to accomplish every obstacle and opportunity that we get. We need time to understand and live life to the best with our relatives, friends, children and our near and dear ones and enough time to understand that it is not only others that need time but your own self too. We need time to live life to its fullest and helping others in the best manner possible and time enough to complete the list of to do things that you made over the eras you lived.

Time is a precious commodity for the world and for someone in their life. It neither waits for someone nor there is extra time for someone. Each of us has only 24 hours a day and the time period is the same for all. No one is given lesser time and no one has more of it. No one can live your part of life and it is important that it is you who have to live on your own time and thus, try to accomplish whatever you wished to do in this life only. This obvious reason means that time is a major factor in everyone’s life and it limits the things that we tend to do in the field of personal economic growth and societal life as well. It is not always about money or wealth only but about living life to the fullest while being helpful to another person living in utter poverty or distress.

The most valuable thing on Earth is ‘Time’, a physical quantity that has importance per se in everything. This is because everything is acquired in time whether it be your food, clothing, home, wisdom, knowledge, spouse, business profits. Because everything is out there waiting for you in time but if you have less of it then you just have nothing. It is the worst thing on Earth for man if he loses the time that he has been adjourned by nature. Wasting time would not help you to acquire anything. By losing your time, you tend to lose everything around and in the meantime you also tend to lose yourself. As an individual we do not value time and it is the actually the most disorganized of things to do on Earth.

There are people around the globe who tend to work in a timely manner but there are situations where they are forced to not do so. Hour by hour, day by day, week by week and year by year, we make ourselves into a person who do not value time but lose them while trying to solve problems, fighting with unnatural happenings and thinking about the loss that occurred because of some minor trifles. Sometimes we tend to mourn over things that do not even have any value in our respective lives….it is somewhat loss of our precious time and we have as such no regrets at all for them and nor are we a bit sorry. The time that we have wasted on such things won’t come back as it does not wait for you to get steady. We tend to not only lose the peace of mind but also we lose the most precious seconds of our time on this Earth.

A person wise enough to understand the worldly obligations would surely not lose a single penny from his pocket but would count the entire amount and then use it for every special purpose that they had in life to fulfill. All of us also need to do the same and arrange our time in the finest way. We should reckon the fact that the time nurtured to us by Mother nature is for our own will and it is not by demeaning ourselves and thinking that we are not worth anything would make us stand anywhere. It is only through strengthening our wills and holding ourselves for the future obstacles that we would be able to fight the situations and panic strikes around.

We need to understand and know how to arrange our time and make every second, every minute and every hour count. So we must be determined enough for this purpose that we have and must redeem it with good deeds for our benefit and for the benefit of others. We weren’t given a life for idleness and for spreading harmful spites or busts of anger around. We are here to prove ourselves and live the best life that we could and help as many people as possible to make them smile and make them understand the value of their lives and make them live it for the better.

Someone has quoted the importance of time in clear-cut words. They stated that- ‘Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save’. Just understand the importance of Time in your life, know the real value of time and live life to its core and make other’s life also worth living.

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