A Vast Expanse of Serenity

No, I am not going to talk about a beautiful holiday spot where you can go for your next vacation plans and relax. Or wait! Actually, I am planning to tell you about a place where you can go and accumulate the much needed strength to face the challenges of life. It does have a price but it is not expensive. The interesting part is that you do not have to spend on travelling and if you want you can stay in the place that I am talking about for as long as you wish to. I am sure that you have never thought that such a trip or a place where the duration of your stay is dependent on your wish could be obtained in such an easy way. Well, it is not easy and I know that it is getting pretty confusing for you now.
This vast expense of serenity that I have chosen as the title of my article is the peace within you that can perform miracles in your life and show you that impossible is just an illusion. It is very important for each one of us that we have a clear conscience. When I say conscience, you must understand what does the word really mean. Conscience is the ability of your soul to judge the moral consequences of your actions and thoughts. We all have a conscience but our moral strengths are different and that affects the quality of our judgements about right and wrong. People who are well versed with their religious scriptures and people who continuously ask themselves the questions that help them decide if something is fit to go ahead with or be discarded have a stronger conscience and thus a better shot at making wise life decisions. However, there is a remarkable difference between a strong conscience and a clear one.

Let me paint a picture for you. Imagine you are in a boat, fishing in a pond. The water is crystal clear. You can see the bottom of the pond and the beautiful and colourful fishes in the water can be seen swimming about. If you throw a pebble into the pond, the water will ripple and the clarity will reduce. It is said that only a person knows himself best. It is only he who can look into his heart and assess his character. The challenge is people not being honest with themselves. There are instances when people do things knowing very well that they should not do them. There is always a voice inside us that stops us from going ahead with something if viewing it from a moral standpoint can raise objections. Still, we choose to ignore that voice. When we ignore the voice within us, we are creating ripples in our soul. Not only do these ripples prevent us from knowing what really is within our hearts but they also make us have a negative opinion of ourselves.
I should attempt to highlight the importance of having a clear conscience. The fact is that we tend to forget the fact that God is omnipotent and he is omniscient too. While doing a wrong deed when we think nobody will get to know, no matter how meagre its seriousness is, we overlook the truth that people might not get to know about it but God is constantly watching each of us. Once the deed is done and the feelings of guilt develop in us, there is more havoc wreaked in our life than we know. Majority of the people who are guilty about their actions face sleep disorders and insomnia affects most of them. There are various health issues related to improper sleep and irregular sleep patterns. High blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases are prominent amongst people who are stressed by the knowledge that they have done something wrong and they deserve punishment.
It is not just the physical and mental health that is affected by feelings of guilt. Not possessing a clear conscience can affect your social well being too, sabotaging your relationships and adding salt to your wounded mind, body and heart. Moreover, regretting your actions is the last thing you would want if you want to live a life full of happiness.
Would it not be easier if you listened to your conscience and made sure that before doing anything, you would ask yourself the following questions. “Do I need to do this?” “Will it affect people in a negative manner?” “Am I driven by materialistic or immoral desire?” You know, it is not just asking these questions that is important. What is important is that we make sure that once we get an answer to these questions, we are honest with ourselves and act accordingly.
People die and all that’s left of them are their bones in their graves and all that’s remembered about them are their deeds. What the next person thinks of you is not significant. What matters is the opinion that you have of yourself. It is about self respect. It is about knowing that you are walking the right path and walking it with your head held high. It is about housing your soul in a vast expanse of serenity where even the most ferocious of storms will not make your heart tremble because you know that you have made the right decisions all the way along and nothing else matters.

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