On the verge of breakups

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. When it comes to love and relationships, revenge is the word to be refrained from. You do not avenge your boyfriend for being late for your date neither do you avenge your girlfriend for spending your money extravagantly. Then what could possibly be the ways to let you live your life happily with a relationship in hand? Is not it the common sight to be seen among couples that most of the times they remain upset because of the fights and ill behaviour? I have seen my friends fighting over petty issues with their boyfriends. The issues can be as serious as getting a breakup there and then or they can be as vain as being online on whatsapp, still not replying. Relationships are good to the extent that they are making you grow as a person. It is completely my thought and I find it genuinely good. Being in a relationship, I have seen myself grow a mature person. I have started to think of others and myself at the same time simultaneously and with little efforts. Even if we have nasty fights regarding serious talks or petty matters, I feel proud and elated on resolving them and getting back together happily. Even my friends think of me as a relationship advisor. One must be thinking of the exaggerations I am going on with but to be honest, the allegations are true.


It is pretty easy to break the bonds and move on with our respective lives. Take your college days, for instance. You would have fallen in and out of love a million times with so many people out there. You would have got into a relationship with one or two and then ended in a breakup either due to your own personal issues or due to parental pressure. At this point, one should stick to a very beautiful saying. There may be n number of excuses for you to leave that person and go away but you must find that one solid reason which would tint the excuses and bring the two of you closer. Our lives are full of excuses. We make an excuse when the exams approach, we make millions of excuses to our parents and we make excuses to ourselves as well. The reasons strengthen your bonds and relations. There is a reason why you are here. On similar grounds there is a reason for you to be with that person. Think for a second, of all the people whom you had rejected prior to him/her. This might sound a little melodramatic in today’s fast paced contemporary world but at times love is all about a perfect blend of drama and reality strikes.


When you are on the verge of breaking up with your partners, talk and then fight it off. If the other person is really all head over heels for you, he/she will sense the efforts and pains you are undertaking to continue with the relationship. He will reciprocate in the similar manner. Relationships do not work on own. You cannot just like a person, fall in love with him suddenly and get into a relationship. Such kinds do not last for even a week. Moreover love can be induced. Once you get into a serious commitment, there is no turning back. You need to get a full control of your emotions and feelings when around her or others. That is what relationships do to you. They bring immense stability in your routine, be it on emotional or physical grounds.


A common observation in today’s generation is the reciprocation of Hollywood and Bollywood movies in real life stories. When you start to expect your love stories to resemble that of the superstars, you fail to recognise the significance of your original story. You start to live in an ethereal utopian world with your boyfriend/girlfriend. When things go awry, you bounce back. One fails to understand that utopia is hypothetical and imaginative. It will only be a matter of time, when you will realize that the grass will always be greener there. But in real life, there are winters and monsoons. The pitfalls and the rise are part and parcel of one’s life. If you have the guts to accept failures regarding the other spheres of your life, you must have enough courage to face them in your relationships and love life. It is the rare couple that does not run into hurdles. If you want a healthy relationship, then you must recognize the problems beforehand. In this way you will have a better chance of getting past them. You must make it a point that if you want that guy in your life, you must hang in there and tackle your problems wisely. Learn how to work your way through the complex issues in your life. Communicate and communicate well. Most of the relationship experts state that all the relationship problems stem from poor communication. And definitely they are not talking about the communication one is having while checking the Facebook account, or swiping through your smartphones or flipping the pages of the newspapers. Real communication is when you are physically, mentally and emotionally in talks with that person.

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