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I recall H. Thoreau’s quote before beginning with the article. You must live in the present. Launch yourself on every wave; find your eternity in each moment. For living in the present, you will need more time to yourself. Before you launch for any big task of your life, you must be stable enough to steer the rough waters. And to enjoy every moment of your life, you must have completed your pending tasks before time. In order to suffice to the above mentioned things, you must wake up early. By early I mean around 4 or 4.30 a.m. yes that is pretty early for those night owls who are in the habit of working this late. A quick word of advice, if you are a night owl and it totally works for you then you don’t need to change your biological clock. But if you are ready to take the 6 am challenge, here are a few notable benefits of waking up early.


Habits once formed are hard to change, especially in overnight. It takes time, rigorous discipline and motivation. Motivation to complete your challenge will set you up for accountability and provide you with the tools to succeed. Nothing good has ever been done after 2 am, so wake up early in spite of feeling tired the entire day. Do not forget to sleep early the previous night otherwise you will end up having dark circles beneath your eyes. If your body gets accustomed to waking up daily at the same time, you will feel tired at nights and fall asleep quickly.


It is a common observation that waking up early enhances your productivity. You are less distracted when everyone is sleeping. You achieve more with minimal interruptions. Your brain is fresh and is working at the highest efficiency in the early hours. You will get your tasks done quicker and better. Often we hear that morning shows the day. Make your mornings worthwhile and your day will be rocking. The first few hours will set the tone of your mood and if you make it in your routine, it will set the tone of your life. Imagine yourself stuck in ironing your clothes a few minutes before you are off to college. The amount of stress and irritation you face when you see yourself waking up at 8 in the morning and you are to go to work at 9 is unbearable. Reduce the stress by waking up early. Studies show that early risers are optimistic and content with their lives. Of course the notion is not a universal one; it is just a statistic which shows likewise.


In the busy world of today, having the ‘you’ is quite a tough job. You seldom get some personal time for yourself when you can groom and contemplate. Waking up early gives you the relishing feeling of enjoying a distraction-free environment. You are able to take the important decisions of your life smoothly while you are most focussed. If you want a better body and mind, waking up early will give you plenty time to exercise. You will no longer face the pangs of missing your workouts. If you are in the thinking that exercising right in the start of the day will make you sluggish, then you are wrong. Exercising and waking up early are the best tools to ward off lethargy. The benefits are immense, some of them being a longer and healthier life free of hypertension, cancer, heart diseases and diabetes. Think of the deadliest ailments and you have got an easy way to combat them. You will burn your heart calories and stay in shape. What a glorious day one can think of! Watching the midnight blue slowly turning to light blue, the sky is painted in incredible colours and amid them, the sun rises. If you don’t have any work at all, wake up for the sake of sunrise. People who wake up late miss the greatest feat of nature.


Before you jump into waking up at 4 or 6, step back and plan. Take baby steps of waking up 15 minutes prior to your time. Get used to this routine for a few days. Then cut back another 15-30 minutes. Go to bed early and not with your smartphone. Keep your phones away from your bed or else you will end up hitting the snooze button every 5 minutes your alarm sounds. If your clock is at a distance, you will have to wake up fully from your bed and go to it to shut it down. By that time, you will be fully awake. You might feel a little grumpy in the first few minutes and fall back again but have control and try to sit it through. Think of a suitable goal before going to bed. When you have a stolid reason, you will be motivated to wake up and finish your task. Don’t wake up early to enjoy the congestion-free Wi-Fi hours. It will be huge waste of your sleep and time. Get a jump start on your day and by the time others wake up, you would have done more than other people are able to do the entire day. You know the old saying, “early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” It is true. Rush to your life!

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