Not All Those Wander Are Lost

History is all about travelling. Early man travelled to hunt. Nomads travelled in search of food and fodder. Rulers travelled to other regions, captured them and formed history. Ambassadors travelled to the courts of other rulers and wrote about their experience and formed history.Traders, soldiers, merchants, pilgrims, all travelled from one region to another and thus created history. Some people travelled in search of jobs, others to escape natural calamities and still others just for the sake of it. Some travelled and got settled in the new region but others who were exceptional, travelled to observe the peculiar nature of the cultures of other lands and wrote about it. So all the history that we know today is just because of the fact that man was never stationary but kept moving from one region to another. So why not we also create history? Why not we also explore the world around us? Why not we also step out of our houses and decide to travel?


Someone has rightly said, ” I don’t know where I’m going, but I am on my way.” We don’t expect you to go to far off places which you can’t afford. Travel is not just about landing up in a beautiful resort in a hill station or going to Cape Town for the beach fun. Travel can be going to your uncle’s place, travel can be coming out of the house and just chilling on the road, travel can also be going to a shopping market. You don’t always have to buy air tickets and pack suitcases to travel. Just pick up your camera and go ANYWHERE. People may call you wanderers who have nothing else to do in life, but remember: ‘all those who travel are not always lost’. Open up your mind and observe things around you. You may have not heard a bird singing on a tree in your normal routine of the day but you may get this opportunity if you travel. You may have been an pampered child who has been always brought up in a sheltered cocoon. Travel and see the real world. Travel makes you change your perception about life, about the people around you. You may have had a bad experience in life where someone might have ditched you. Travel to a place, meet new people and you will realize that not everyone in the world is bad. Travelling gives you peace of mind. You get to introspect, you get to test your adaptability in odd environments, you get to meet new people and socialize and obviously you get to improve yourself and become a new human being altogether.

To travel is to learn

‘The world is a book and all those who don’t travel read only one page’. Truly, it is through travelling only that you get to know the world around you. The use of travelling is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they are. As they say, visual knowledge is better than bookish knowledge, travelling helps you see everything that you read in your dull history and Gk classes. It gives you first hand information about what the place is and how did it come into being. And once you be to that place, you will be so interested in it that you would love to come again and now you would no more require the bookish knowledge to cram up the description of that place for your exams. Travel makes you richer, in terms of knowledge and intelligence, much more important than the monetary wealth that everyone craves for. Whenever you go and wherever you go, never forget to take your camera along. Capture the best moments of your life, capture the serene meadows, the beautiful sky and the towering hills. Capture the people around you, the markets, the birds and the vehicles. Capture the entire world! Everything has a story to tell. Everything has a lesson to teach. Go out, observe and make memories.


YOLO – You Live Only Once. Everyone of us have just one life to live. Either make the most of it or ruin it. Either crib about every petty issue in life or just say ‘I don’t care’. Either spend your entire life worrying about exams, job and future or dump your books and go out and explore the world! Life is all about adventure and happiness. It is all upto to you how do you want to utilise it. No one realises how wrong he is in his knowledge about other regions till hi goes himself and experiences the reality.No one realises how vast and rich this world it until he goes and explores it. No one realises how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow. Travelling is not for escaping from life, but for life not to escape from us. So the next time if someone asks you what is the place where you would like to go, say proudly, “take me anywhere.”

Take Me Anywhere

To travel is to live life ~Hans Christian Anderson

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