21st century is the century of people who do not even have time for themselves; people who are always in a hurry, who keep running from one place to another and who are never really satisfied with what they have and often restless about things that they don’t have. These are people who need to figure out what they really need in life. They need to find out that thing or place that will bring them peace. And you cannot find that peace by spending all your life at one place, among the same four walls of your house; especially when that is actually the place where you have been running all your life, because all it will ever do is remind you of how exhausted you are from inside. Why can’t people take some time out and treat themselves with a peaceful time at a new beautiful place? The world is a huge place, and there are all these geographically beautifully located places on this globe; so many that a lifetime will fall short to visit these places at least once. It’s on my bucket list to travel the world in this life and have collectibles from these places that will later become a treasure full of beautiful memories. I know it is difficult for a lot of people to expend that much amount of money and time to set out on a travel expedition. But I think people should try and take some time out from their often busy schedules, take a relaxing break and select a place of their choice and visit it. Isn’t it interesting to visit a new place, live there for some time, experience the beauty and significance of the place and return with nothing but a bag full of wonderful memories? Well, personally I find it very interesting to visit new places as I am always curious to get to know new people, different cultures, histories, significance of those places and not to forget, the delicious different unique cuisines! Traveling is something that everybody is fond of, and according to me travelers are people who gain most experiences during their journeys.

Apart from this, there are also people who are wanderers, they don’t have any destination to reach to, they must be employed but they are in no hurry to rush from one place to another, all they want to do is explore themselves and realize the purpose of their existence. These people do not want to remain stuck to one place all their lives, they want to wander, they want to be lost and most importantly, they want to find themselves all over again. I think all of the people described about above at some point are same; they constantly keep searching for something, they constantly and subconsciously try to figure out where they belong. And I personally feel that may be in the process of stepping in to a different place, meeting different people and knowing their stories, a lot of us find our own stories; the story of our lives. I think that is why traveling out to different places plays a significant role in molding our thoughts and perceptions about a lot of things in life. I am completely transported to a different zone when I read travel magazines where people share their mesmerizing experiences about how travelling to some places has changed their identity, how it has broadened their horizons and probably even made them a better person.
A lot of people go trekking or camping in the Himalayas, they keep wandering amidst the magnificent mountains, they wander in the dark with no expectation of sun rays; a place where you are just there and you realize that you do not need any of those luxuries back home to survive. People undertake extreme sports; they go bungee jumping, sky diving, skiing, under-water diving, and they experience the adrenaline rush and in that moment they are simply living without having to worry about the future or work and responsibilities. Some people fly overseas, they go to beautiful foreign places where people speak a different language altogether and they find themselves exploring the place while still trying to figure out the translations correctly! Some people lose themselves in aromas and tastes of delicacies, as if they just cannot let even a single particle of the food go waste! People visit historical places, they come to know the significance of a place, they realize how different their world back home is than the world they are currently visiting, they realize how much beauty there is in this world; so much that the eyes cannot withhold it all at once. And every time people go traveling, a closed part of them opens up to a new world. And something inside them simply changes and they return with an experience of lifetime and countless memories to preserve. The most beautiful thing about travelling is that you realize that all you need in this life is inner happiness. And you find this happiness while you are on a journey, not just exploring places but also exploring the inside You and opening up yourself to the world.

So may be pack up your bags for a few days, go travel to a beautiful place that you have never been to, and spend some time outside your busy schedule and realize how beautiful the world is and how beautifully it can change your life.


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