Her Wedding Day

The time had come when she had to give in. Forget and go ahead with the plans that were meant to happen for years now. The sadness in her eyes spoke a million words about how she was apprehensive whether to expect more, or expect nothing at all. The coffee she was sipping, the old-time pictures she was going through before her big day all reminded her of how things are going to change forever. As she recited the vows to herself over and over again at the back of her mind

To have and to hold, for better or worse; for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health….”

All this made her feel like her fairytale wedding story and the ‘happily ever after’ is now going to come true. But all she could think of is how her story begins thereafter, how she could find a way to live those traditional vows to the fullest with all her heart. The feeling when she looked at her finger bearing the precious diamonds was more of panic than excitement. She walked towards the perfectly spread big white velvet gown with an enormous lace and beautifully studded stones on the neck line, remembering the toasts her family and friends raised during the celebration overwhelmed her. Everything is going to go well, she thought.

She could picture the day crystal clear again, the day he looked into her eyes and she experienced the most adored feeling ever, when she heard him say he wanted to be with her forever and do everything in his power to keep her happy. The feeling was real. The moment was endless. The elation and the tears of joy, as she exclaimed “YES”.  She wanted more of him; she knew it for now and forever. Promises during the thick and thin all along, made her realize the only wish she would make through every shooting star is to have him around.

The day was nearing when they had to keep up to their promise and proceed to the next stage of the relationship they shared. She walked around the room to clear her mind, the pictures that hung on the walls were not just a snap at the moment, and they made her wonder if those priceless emotions of innocence, lightheartedness, emancipation would ever come back. For a moment, she would sell her world and what she has just to live them one more time. The gloomy winter made her sicker. Everything around was just changing faster by every minute. What made her angry was that she could just not stop it for once. She looked back through the window, her mother passed by the garden sharing a casual glance. She had no words, now she feels like the day is arriving faster. All she wants at the moment is to slip into the first pair of pajamas she finds in her cupboard, erase all the thoughts and have a comfortable sleep. She could do nothing but feel like there is a massive change that is about to occur in a couple of hours.

The next moment all she could think about was her groom. She could still sense his fragrance since he last left the room. He came to see her one last time before they met to exchange the vows on the big day. He left with a much lovable charm in his eyes and a big soothing smile. ‘I love you’ he said. She could remember nothing of the conversation except for those three final words. The comfort she shared with him made her love him even more. Those words and the little chats were just what was needed to calm her down. She hated the whole institution of marriage and the fact that life was making her do this. The truth she could not escape was that she always wants him by her side. The love was unconditional but the idea of it sent a chill down her spine.

The day had arrived, the sun never seemed so bright earlier; she could hear her father through the hallway, unconsciously speaking very loudly out of excitement ‘Everything should be just perfect and beautiful!’ The big day, she thought. As her best friend stood by the wall next to her room smiling repeatedly, she ran to hug her, a certain sense of confidence and happiness appeared in her eyes. There was some magic in the air that evening she thought to herself, as she walked down the aisle amid all her friends and family, holding her father. The image of her father passing over her hand to her love made her certain about every moment of the occasion and she did not sense a minute of nervousness. That winter’s Christmas always remained the best evening of her life. Her loving husband always stood by her side ever since then.

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart“

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