No Where You Will Ever Find People Called ‘School Friends’

Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend  - Albert Camus

There are different people who, wanted or unwanted, become a part of our lives at different times. When we our born, our mother, though we don’t recognize her as well, is the most important person to us as we feel connected to her. As we grow older and we begin to identity with people around us, we begin to get closely associated with our father, grandparents and siblings. Like this, many people come our way. They may be close or far off relatives, neighbors, colleagues or even random people on the road. Some we tend to see and forget instantly but some make a mark on our lives. Among the latter, on the most important people who fit into this category are school friends. We make many friends throughout the course of life. They include school friends, college friends, office friends, facebook friends, friends in the society, so on and so forth. But in this long list of friends that we have, if I am asked to choose the most special or the most important ones, I would definitely and undoubtedly go for ‘SCHOOL FRIENDS’.

school friends

Truly, nothing in this world can compare to the friendship that we build at school. School friends are your first ‘official’ friends of life. These include the ones who you meet at the first day of school, when all are crying in unison to go back home. These include the ones who are too young to understand the importance of relations yet get possessive about you and extremely angry when you spend time with someone else. These are the ones whom you share your tiffin with; whom you take swings with, whom you eat ice-cream with. These are the ones with whom you gradually grow and reach the adolescence stage. With many hormonal changes going inside the body, we don’t even realize and our friendship grows stronger and more serious. During these years, some friends change and some still remain. Now these are friends with whom we bunk classes. These are friends who see us getting scolded by the teacher and shamelessly laugh at us. These are friends who chill through the year and our after your life one day before the exam so that you could teach them something. These are friends who after a spat say, “I will not talk to you from now on” but can’t stay without talking even for a minute. These are the ones with whom we share our secrets, our ‘private’ talks, our infatuations and our boy friend issues. We trust them, we love them, we can’t live without them. They suddenly become the most important part of our lives. They become are back bone and even our biggest weakness.


We all have seen movies on college life and even heard people saying that “college friends are the best”, but on personal level, I don’t agree with this. I definitely accept that friends in college are important, but school friends are priceless. We enter college when we become adults and thus our college friends are the ones that we choose with extreme caution. Those who are alike, those who are helpful as well. As we are now mature, we tend to become selfish in choosing friends. But friendship at school is something that is completely different. In school, we are not mature enough or let’s say, not selfish enough to choose friends according to our taste. All those whom we enjoy with, whom we our comfortable sharing our secrets with, become are friends. This friendship is pious, sincere and heartfelt. Brain doesn’t function here. It is only the heart that decides. Thus, this friendship is more valuable.

school life

But we generally tend to realize it’s significance. We just become ignorant towards our school friends once we join college. After school, when all of us go on our own ways, there is an abrupt, unwanted yes inevitable loss of contact with the school friends. We tend to become so busy in adjusting in a completely new and alien space, that we just don’t have time to rebuild or make efforts to retain our friendship. But gradually, when we realize that friends at college are no way comparable to the friends we had at school, we tend to understand the reality. We regret the mistakes we made and how we allowed our friendship to just let go. We tend to go down the memory lane and relive all the moments of our beautiful past at school. Then comes the time when we miss our friends badly and we break down into tears. This realization gives us the courage to make attempts to reconstruct our friendship. This is why we see many people today making ‘whatsapp groups’ of their old school friends, many people organizing reunion parties and many people planning surprise visits to their friends’ houses. So if you are still in school, never ever make things sour in friendship and if you are out of schools then have lost link with all your best friends at school, you need to think about ways to get them back!

A true friend is one that knows who you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow – William Shakespeare 

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