Who Will Be The King?

Greed for more has been one of the most important elements in creating history. We all have read about the battle of Waterloo, the battle of Actium and the Crusades, all have one thing in common- the lust for power. Throughout history, there have been thousands of wars where the ruler of a particular territory has waged wars against his enemy in order to increase the area under his control and to show his supremacy. Lakhs of people have died, crores of property has gone into ruins but the wars never ceased. Be it ancient, medieval or modern times, competition and enmity between rulers of two different lands has always existed. Today we live in a world where majority of the nations are democracies and the government is formed with the people’s consent. We proudly call ourselves the ‘civilized’ lot don’t believe in waging wars. But is it really so? Have we really moved beyond competition and the desire to be the superior? Have really accepted all our neighbours as friends? Have we really given up on the race to be the best?

who is the best

No, not at all. 196 countries in the world and each one of them are involved in some conflict with the other. There are threats faced by all the people today, irrespective of the nation they belong to. Where is threat coming for? Where is this sense of jealously and rivalry coming from? Obviously it is not the aliens, it is us. We, the people of this earth have a strong superiority complex. Be it personal o professional, humans have always had the desire to keep track of the progress of their contemporaries and to move ahead of them. Talking of the world as a whole, countries today are continuously running a reckless race to reach the peak before others. On there way, they even tend to engage in physical encounters with their enemies. There are endless examples in the contemporary times that reflect the same. The invasion of Kuwait by Iraq, The Sino-Indian war, the Somalian wars, the list is endless. North Korea is fighting with its Southern counterpart, Sudan is in conflict with it’s sibling, Myanmar has troubled relations with Bangladesh and India is also grappling with the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Most of the nations are fighting over the issue of territories. The situation has become so worse that besides territorial issues, many petty issues have now become a topic for conflict between nations. Nations are fighting over water, over the control of rivers and oceans. This shows how low the standards have become. One nation is coming up with a nasty comment to incite its enemy and the enemy is leaving no stone unturned to give an emphatic reply. This race seems to be unending. The level of competition has become so high that countries have now become increasingly intolerant towards each other and are ready to enter into a conflict anytime and on any issue. In addition to political conflicts, competition is economic growth is also becoming prominent. Countries, like a hawk, are keeping an eye on all the economic developments in other nations and are day and night coming out with policies and measures to move ahead of others. As a state begins to grow economically, it’s neighbour automatically begins to feel threatened, even if the former has no intention of attacking the later. The neighbour starts to think of ways in which it can defend itself. This gives rise to conflicts which further give rise to wars. Today military developments are also leading to conflicts. States are increasingly manufacturing weapons for defence. The same procedure follows here as well, and in order to leave behind their contemporaries, nations become insane and produce weapons in bulk.

It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.

Sit and analyze this and try to find out where are we leading to? Why has competition become a priority? Is it the most important thing in our lives? Do nations have no other agenda to work upon? What about education, welfare of the poor and social development? Is competition more important than all these? Have we lost all morality and have become insane contenders? Then we should better call ourselves animals who are fighting to decide who would be the king of the jungle. We flaunt about the technological advancements that we have made with which we can today go and live on Mars. We boast about the wonders that humans as a specie have done. But are we really worth it? What good has done it to us? In fact it has made us mad. Mad about competition. Mad about ruling the world. The day is not far when everyone in the world will actually turn into a maniac and the all our so called ‘achievements’ will become redundant. The day is not far when a third world war will be waged involving all the nations, killing crores of people and destroying the entire globe. It’s high time we humans should actually start behaving as ‘humans’, to work collectively for the welfare of the poor and destitute, for the uplifting of the marginalized, for the betterment of humanity. If too lazy to begin it, wait for the world to fall into ruins.

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