Where There Is A Will, There Is A Way

Where there is a will there is a way, it`s a saying which is a apt for every person irrespective of their age or job, a person with undaunted will and irresistible zeal to achieve something surely gets sooner or later his desired result. Success doesn`t come for nothing it`s a ritual which is meant to be performed with utmost will to reach there, for some success is a duty, for others it`s their pride, for few others it`s just a dream but for success people with true determination and will are its true heirs. A famous writer has said,” World is a stage “, where you have to perform every part with utmost skill, perfection and will, to put forth a presentable play for the next generation.

To professionalise in a character set for you, you require hard work and an immense will to play it well. Life is not a bed of roses, every individual dreams of reaching for the stars. It`s not impossible to reach the epitome of your desired success, conditioned that one has a will to succeed.


A hopeless person who is unhappy with his faded life, living just on medicines, with no desire to live ,till when can the drugs keep him alive when he himself has no will to live anymore? No man till date can survive merely on drugs with no will to live. To survive in this competitive world, where half a hundred dozen people in an unit area die due to undaunted suffocation of this egoistic society and burdening expectations. In such a era man without willpower and the zeal to fight cannot fit, remember fortune favours the brave. Choosing the right road, while collecting all the necessary material for your path of success will not be more than a couple  of steps ahead. Will power is the greatest driving force towards success. In a class one student  is a topper and there is a student  who always fails. The topper is always appreciated and hence he acquires confidence and a will power much more than the failing student; as for in both case the students have equally worked hard. Here only the confidence so built in the child with appreciation keeps him motivated his will to succeed grows and the one who is always treated with negative comments has his will power covered over by the feelings of negation, failure and of being a looser.

Even the seemingly unaccomplishable tasks can be completed by dint of sheer determination, grit and hard work.  If you want to achieve something you must struggle, throw yourself in the valley of your aim. Do not think about the difficulties associated with the task. When you will achieve your aim, you will surely forget about all the struggle and pain.

where there is a will there is a way

In newspapers or magazines, we have a column of the lives of great people, narrating their hardships, failures and finally their well deserved success. A notable personality  Emily Dickenson  said ,” Success is counted  the sweetest by those who never succeed”. Life always is not a bed of roses, sometimes you have to fall down just to stand up with even more will to achieve something, never your conscience die because if your conscience dies your willpower has no stand ,  sometimes its just the will that makes castles from sand and heals a patient whom the doctor has declared dead, the powers of willpower are far too many which we prefer not to use because we consider them not practical enough to be used, but those who use them are the once who get the benefit.

Will power truly drives our life gearing it towards what we want to become to make us the person we really are. Sneaking deep within oneself, realising the real purposes  of our life in this world , to choose  a different  path  and make our life resourceful requires WILL POWER .  Wise men accept all the challenges with calm mind. The only reason why a person fails is their lack of will. A criminal uses his brain to the fullest in committing all sacrilegious deeds, thinking  he is fooling the world around, but forgetting that his will power  and conscious which are his true  guides  have been murdered in his very first step towards crime. If instead, he would use all his brains, cleverness  and wholesome energy in a positive direction then he would make his life worth, his willpower would enhance and drive the results crazily in favour of that person.

People  all over the world are struggling day and night , looking for some guiding light to guide them, support them , encourage them,  but in this search they leave behind the real person  they are, they seek outwardly whereas the immense power , the guiding light is within them; their will power. We are in a habit to blame  other people for our problems, but a person with real conscience realises that if he is facing a problem then, the problem is within us and the solution too is in our dogma.

For climbing the highest peak the first step is as important as the last step and for all the other steps the journey requires a strong will which gives us a foresight of our success. A person may begin a work well but the energy that keeps him motivated is his will power it`s the acceleration towards success, no man strong or weak can ever achieve success without a strong will to be there, this force is powerful enough to move mountains to pave ways through oceans, to heal a dying person , to taste success, to live a life of your dreams, it keeps you motivated and focused and there is just nothing in this world that you dream of and cannot achieve everything is too handy it`s just there you have to learn to reach there, all the success is already yours, people who try receive it and for those who have a will surely have a way.


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