Winners Learn, Don’t Lose

When was the last time you felt a twinge of pain in your stomach just because you couldn’t finish off first? The last time you stood second in your school was the worst time of your life and you definitely don’t want to repeat it. You will do anything in your hands, either by hook or crook to win the show. Winning as we know is the result in a victory in any competition or a lifetime event. You win and you are happy. But you lose and you lose your temper as well. Well my question is whether it really matters this much in your life? How much will you trade for to get that big trophy back your home? Let us face it. Everyone wants to win and win in the first place. But there cannot be more than one winner. You have to be better than the number two, proving that he is not competitive at all. If you are thinking into such things, then you must get one thing straight. One is not obligated to win. One is obligated to try and keep trying at one’s best.


The illusion in competitions is the desire to stop when one is declared a winner. The real catch lies in the fact that in spite of losing, you keep trying. Then only you are the actual winner. Everyone has some or the other talents. If they succumb to their strengths, they will be able to rule the world. But if they are unable to identify even one or two, they will be crushed to defeat. It is not your inadequacy rather your inability to recognize your skills which renders your victory or defeat. May be the truth is, there is a little bit of loser in each one of us because no one is perfectly apt in identifying their skills and abilities. If you are directing all your strength towards winning, then you will be left with little to stand back up after losing the game. So the next time, don’t focus on winning rather the best you can devote. We often see people examining their victory pretty closely. As a result they end up defining their rare qualities as a person. They should never forget that winning is measured only by the magnitude of their hard work and physical abilities.


Losers fail once or twice and they ultimately quit the show. Winners may fail a thousand times but with every defeat they learn a thing or two about themselves. They don’t come out of the fight. They experience a sense of success at every corner of their path. They work to make a difference. If you are fearless enough to face your fears, you are called a winner. Do you owe your defeat or blame others for it? Is analysis often in your book while losing or is it sheer bad luck which got you in trouble? Sometimes losing shows you for who you really are. It is not about how much your luck works. Winners realize the harder they work, the luckier they will get. They smile and accept their losses until the next time.


Do not live in the past as it is a thing of the losers. Live your life based on the lessons learned in your hurtful past. We all want to succeed and be winners. In spite of the endless struggles we often come up short and delay our success indefinitely. It has everything to do with how we think, what we focus our energy on and how we live each moment. Winners use their free time to learn and experience something new while losers just waste their time hankering over excuses. Change your perspective. When you see an unfathomable thing and fail to understand, do not get discouraged rather take it as a challenge to be curious about its nature. All of your small victories count big. Do not just worry about the greatest conquest in one shot. On your way, you will face certain unexpected outcomes. They will take you aback for a moment but do not falter for they are just the stepping stones to your big success. Make things happen and your successes count. Look around for their solutions might be waiting underneath. Stop reviewing the options for too long and start to act on decisions. When they need rigorous thinking, they are not worth giving it a thought. There is a popular saying about the company of rotten apples. If a good apple is placed with the rotten ones, it will rot too. Similar is the case with the people. If you hang out people who are more successful than you are, then you are definitely in good hands. You will always be guided along your life by their words of wisdom. Within no time, you too will be defining your own success. It is high time that you stop to over-sell. It will not fetch you any good. Rather start to over deliver because it is one of the many traits of a successful person. After all every game is not akin to dieting when the only winning you get is after losing!

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