Winning Is Not Everything, Participation Matters

In today’s competitive world, everyone is eager to win the race. No one is ready to accept the second position in his life. Life is turning into a race in which people are not realizing that they are leaving behind many things of dire importance. We should all have the will to win but winning is not everything. The whole struggle which you do to win something is also very important.  But sometimes losing is also beneficial for us. It is not necessary to win every time your participate. Sometimes you have to go through failures too. At that time you should not be disappointed or frustrated at the result. Every experience teaches you something which makes you more mature and capable of dealing with problems

Participation is more important than just winning. If you will keep on participating in different events then surely one day you will get the result of your hard work. It is not necessary that every time the winner alone gets appreciation and fame for his work. There are many examples of real life champions who have never come first in their life but they are perfect in their lives. It does not matter that you win or lose, all that matters is the courage to participate.  It is very essential to fight in life rather than just conquering it. You should be ready to face all kinds of challenges and hurdles which come in your way.

There are 7 reasons why participation is important

1. Increase In Confidence


Participation increases our confidence level and helps you to know yourself in a better way. You come across many difficulties through which you come to know of your positives and negatives. It is not always winning which is important in our life. It gives you the opportunity to explore your boundaries and expand your talent. You start believing in yourself and your abilities. Appreciation plays a very important role in enhancing your confidence. When people see your abilities, they admire your talent and appreciate you for that. The encouragement and feedback which you get from others is very valuable for everyone. It can be a stepping stone for you to achieve greater things in the whole journey. It increases the self-esteem and personal control in your lives.

2. Challenge Yourself

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Participation provides us a platform to challenge ourselves. We learn new things and develop various skills after taking up the challenge. The experience which we gain from the participation can be used to talk about in job applications and interviews. The whole journey of the competition is just a process, not an endpoint. You just have to keep on grasping from your experiences. So, whatever be the result, just focus on what you’ve earned and how to keep on improving. This attitude will help you to maintain a healthy level of confidence.

3. Realize Your Dreams


Instead of focusing on what other people are doing, just try to realize your own dreams. Dreams can turn into reality, if we move towards them consistently. Just be focused towards your dreams and goals of life. If you want to achieve your goals, it simply means that you have to take proper steps at the right time.  It is never too late to realize your dreams and follow them with full passion and enthusiasm. If you work hard and do all the planning, then you can surely achieve your goal easily. Through competitions you can get a chance to win many opportunities which can help you to fulfill your dreams.

4. Show Your Talent


Participation helps you to showcase your talent in front of everyone. You learn to apply your unique skills to solve the real-world problems.  Competitions can be organized in your school, college or other organization to enhance your skills and knowledge. Sometimes the opportunities given are so big that you might achieve your professional or educational goals.  You can win an internship or a scholarship that can change your life forever. So never miss any golden opportunity which comes on your way.

5. Connection Increases


When you participate in a competition, you meet different kinds of people and spend time with them.  You get a chance to chat with members of senior management and impress them with your unique abilities and talent. You make some friends who support you throughout the competition. I f you have the skills to win a competition, you have the ability to associate.

6. Build Your Resume


If you win or participate in a competition of your field, you can mention that in your resume. It will create a positive impact on the person who is taking your interview. This will make you stand out of the whole crowd and build your resume. Passion and interest in any field can get you a long way. You can speak very confidently about your achievements in front of the interviewer

7. Test Your Ideas


Participation provides a platform to test your ideas and concepts. You get a chance to show that how creative and innovative you are. It is rightly said by Jim  Ron -“Ideas can be life changing. Sometimes all you need to open the door is just one more good idea.” Competitions should provide an enriching experience that allows you to apply your knowledge to a problem.


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