Withal and Within: Spread the Joy

It was just another normal day. The mundane existence and monotony sustained. A plain walk on the street does not make anyone feel that in it can somebody find the ultimate truth of life. But nature has its own ways of astonishing humankind and waking them up from our slumber. Such is its power and exuberance, in front of which we realize that we are just another speck in the universe. However, in this little own world of ours we are faced with a lot of theorems and hypothesis that turn the world upside down and leave us perplexed. But on that day, I realized that the ultimate truth of life lies in lying in the lap of nature. It lies in uniting with nature and becoming a single, integrated entity. The truth lies in being happy within.

Happiness inside reflects and refracts through our bodies. If the heart is glad, the whole being rejoices and the body illuminates that joy. A happy soul inside seeps through the body and makes the body glisten with a beautiful glow. It helps us to sustain ourselves in the world full of misery. A happy person is one who is a nightmare for the pessimistic forces. The mental faculties of a happy person become fully channelized in a constructive approach, in order to yield more results and makes it all the more effective. But another aspect to it is the famous quote that happiness is infectious. After all, why do we laugh our lungs out while watching a stand-up comedy? Precisely for the reason that the happy and gay soul of the performer touches our soul and transfers the feelings and emotions full of contentment and positivity. That is the reason why our elders tell us to greet the mornings with a smile so that the entire day falls into the line of cheerfulness and not even a tiny spot of sorrow could mar its splendor.

The feeling of being a catalyst for the happiness around us cannot be matched. No monetary benefits can last as long as this proud feeling can. All the religious scriptures advocate the need to be happy within. A person who is not affected by the sorrow and grief-stricken surroundings and is able to find gleeful existence within is one who finds solace in life. Peace and happiness are always intertwined. One thing leads to another. This is one vicious circle which nobody wants to get rid of. Being caught in the whirlpool of all the good things in the world is undoubtedly, the best thing that can ever happen.


Little acts of kindness and gentle attitude towards others are a great way to feel the entire world falling into right order. This aspect of life if imbibed in a perfect way can lead to a perfect equilibrium within us and the world around.  To quote Ralph Waldo Emerson,

“ To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children… to leave the world a better place… to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.”

It is definitely a statement without any fallacies that little acts of kindness never go waste. After all, what goes around comes around. The world, in this way, works in a mathematical way. We receive what we give and vice-versa.

Joy is not in material things. It is not in human bodies. It is not in money. It is not in a high-end luxury car. It is inside. It is within one’s soul. This joy can do wonders. A lot has been written on the power of a joyous personality. An example would be Rhonda Byrnes’ The Secret. The idea is to not to be defeated by circumstances and instead work hard to achieve the goals of life. This hard work just becomes a lot easier if we set a curve on our faces…an upward curve.

For a person brimming with happiness and cheerful attitude, moving mountains is just another thing of life. No such thing as a Herculean task remains. What is left is a stack of little tasks and to-do lists that can easily be dealt with and also, done away with in the quickest manner. Try to delve deep into your psyche and cull out the instance when you were so happy that nothing could put you off. The work efficiency in that phase is n-times the work efficiency of a depressed being, where n tends to infinity. With joy, come great strength, endurance and patience. It leads to a highly evolved personality with traits to die for, making the person oh-so-attractive.

We all want to date a person who is cheerful. Nobody likes a person who cribs and whines all the day. A grumpy face is in no ways better or even comparable to a happy face. Ask yourself, as kids when we read Snowhite and the Seven Dwarves, whom did you like more, Happy or Grumpy? A grumpy is good for entertainment and is finitely intriguing. But one thing is certain that nobody wants to get married to a person who is just a defeated person with negativity all around.

Having joy within, being a happy soul thus leads to numerous benefits. It serves all the purposes of life. It helps us win confidence and also brings large amounts of praise from the people around us. The logic is simple, if we can be happy, why be sad?

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