Being a Woman- A Benediction savored by only a few

“You have set my heart on fire, filled me with love…made me a woman on clouds above…could not get much higher, my spirits take flight because I’m alive.”

-          Celine Dion


Whenever I hear the word woman; the very first thoughts that comes to my mind is a soul with qualities like love, affection and care and the very first picture that comes into my mind is of my mother. I myself being a woman to be strongly believe that being a woman is certainly a boon that is given only to a few lucky ones. It is often told that the life that we get is the outcome of the deeds that we did in our previous life and I feel that after doing thousands of such deeds, one gets a chance to live the life of a woman. A daughter, a mother, a wife, a sister and a friend whatever her role may be she will always dedicate cent percent of her efforts to execute her role effectively. The most beautiful part of each and everyone’s life is always a woman.


The journey from a little girl to a woman is not an easy one. Though she is always considered to be the weaker sex; she is the one who goes through the most difficult times right from the beginning and still comes out to be tougher than the before. As a daughter, she is like a best friend for her mother, like a beloved for her father; as a sister she is like a guide and the most trustworthy secret-keeper; as a friend she would be the first one to come to your rescue and would be the one who will hold your hand till the last during your difficult times; as a wife she would in true sense act your better half all full of love and affection and finally as mother she would be like a being around whom your entire world revolves; she would take up all your suffering and would make all her efforts to make you happy. She can be as loving as Mother Teresa but when situation demands she can be as powerful as goddess Durga.


We can never imagine our world without women; still there are so many ill activities that are afflicted on her from the time immemorial. Many of the people don’t want to give birth to a female child since they feel girls are a burden. For a few, girls have become a means of earning money in the form of dowry and all kind of similar stuffs. There is a lot of discrimination against women that is rampant in our society because the people feel that because a woman easily tolerates everything that is done on her therefore she is weak.


The fact is there is none of the creature on this earth who is morally and as well as physically strong as her. Now this reminds me of the very famous lines from one of the very beautiful songs sung by Celine Dion on the life of woman which are, “When you reach for me , raising spirits high, god knows that …that I’ll be the one standing by through good and through trying times…and it has only begun.. I can wait for the rest of my life…”


Women are equal to men in all respects; it is only the society that has considered her weak. Quite surprising these are the same people of the society who worship goddesses and mother Mary; still they are the ones who have a doubt in a woman’s strength. The concept of woman being equal to a man in all the respects has not been created by me but there are proofs of it in the Genesis.


According to the Genesis of the holy Bible; god first created Adam (i.e. male) and then from his rib created Eve (i.e. female). God used the dirt of the earth to create Adam but did not use it in creation of a woman and rather took out Adam’s rib and from that created a Woman. Many of the scholars interpret it in different way but the most common and the widely accepted interpretation is that God made woman an equal counter part of a man and since she was created from one half of the body part of man therefore she is nothing but a better half of a man and is always meant to be besides him and not beneath him. Since woman is a part of a man, subsequently she is equal to him in all the respects. When Bible, which is one of the widely followed holy books in the world, preaches this equality, why is human becoming so discriminant and categorizing women in the category of the weaks.


Speaking from the personal experience, I have never in my life come across a person who is as strong as my mother is; and I am very sure most of the women do exhibit the same qualities. Some people might be of the view that how can she be considered to be strong as in most of the cases she is the first ones who cry and she is very fragile; and crying is related to being weak but the fact is the act of crying is not the weapon of the weak but it is just a mere expression of emotion and every normal human being does have his/her way expressing what he/she is feeling from inside; it has got nothing to do with our strength and as far as being fragile is concerned, she is tender because god created her with utmost care.


Besides, she has been granted with a very special power; that is the power of giving life. God is our creator and the only being that has been given quite the same kind of quality on the earth is a woman and no wonder why all of our mothers are so lovely, beautiful and everything for us.


So, like I said being a woman is a lovely gift of god and having a woman in your life is the best present that one can get. Therefore all those people who think that having a girl child is just another burden and is the result of their bad deeds better redress their mentality because she is never a burden but will always try to be your backbone is not a result of your bad deeds but I am sure would surly ask the god punish her instead of her loved ones for their folly and grant you her share of happiness. She is the gem of your life, preserve her and take care of her for she will never ever demand for anything from but just a little amount of sincere love and affection. My entire article can be summarized within these few lines by Coco Chanel;

“Women have always been the strong ones of the world. The men are always seeking from a woman a little pillow to put their heads down on. They are always longing for the mother who held them as infants.”

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