Women Lead The Society, We Just Don’t Steal Credit For It

“You see the things that are and say ‘why’?
But I see the things that never were, and ask ‘why not’?”

We all know that the status of women has undergone a gradual change. They have stepped out of the threshold of their houses and are working shoulder to shoulder with men. In every sphere of life we have had a woman leading us. We have had women Prime Ministers, Presidents and Business women who are courageous and efficient women who have the capacity to lead their respective countries. I’m proud to say that I am a woman; I have the power and ability to make a difference. People read my articles and relate to it. So, I believe people have faith in me, and other woman writers. Thus there are no questions to be asked. Women were always considered inferior and were looked down upon. When we talk about sexual discrimination, this is what we really mean. Giving out equal opportunities to both men and women. Why is a girl child still considered a burden in backward places? It is an intense issue and something that has to be worked upon, by the whole society.

Napoleon rightly said that, “Give me good mothers; I’ll give you a good nation.” If we turn the pages of history, we’ll find that man made religions for him and traditions for women. If we look out for the case of a woman, we find that as a child she is controlled by her father, when in youth she is controlled by her husband and when in her old age she is controlled by her son. Most of the times women are deprived of her rights because people do not believe the fact that women have come a long way and can be considered more than just being a home-maker. They are hardly given any chances to explore in life. Whenever given a chance, women prove it to the world. Thus, it is better to understand a little than to misunderstand a lot!


Now, let us consider the other fields in which Indian women are working as scientist, doctors, engineers, collectors, police officers, pilots and so on. And in each field they are reaching great heights. If they were not capable in these fields, then why were they even given a chance to join and work for the armed forces? Well, this is a good sign and an indication of their emancipation and success. Women are trying and giving equal competition to men in every sphere of life. We should be proud about it. This can happen only if we give them a chance and not under estimate them and their abilities. This is the time to get rid of the olden traditions, where women would do minor and menial tasks. At this point of time, the rate of successful women is at par with men in all fields of jobs and opportunities.

In the earlier days, it was just a blind assumption of the society that women are weak, but then, were they ever given a chance? Just a few of them who got a chance have shown their strength and proved that they were capable of leading the society. It is a good thing to have such a paradigm change in the scenario. Women are above men in many companies and this is not a bad thing to have. Women have always managed household and taken good care of every one in their house. They have this ability to multi task. This gives them an edge above others and thus makes them a better leader in many ways. They always have a technique to deal with situations. They come up with instant solutions to deep problems and are much more organized in their approach.


For leading the society we need varied skills not simple brute strength. We need tricks of the trade. That is the ability to connect with others, cultivate trust, bring an enterprise to life and above all, the drive to do well. All these qualities are something that almost all women have. They should be given a chance to exploit all these inherent worth and make the most out of it. Women like Serena Williams, Kalpana Chawla, and many others have already proved it by making their respective countries proud in different fields. There are more such girls who have support from their family and are being trained in specific roles from a very young age itself.

“Man and money can build the house,
but only a genuine woman can make it a home.”

Mother, the name itself is very sacred. She plays an important role in giving birth and bringing up her child with good moral values. As we say, that an educated woman educates a whole family, and an educated family means an educated society, and an educated society leads to a whole educated world. Mothers always help in building up their children’s career.

Thus, I strongly assert, that this is a notion, let’s firmly brush it aside; women are 100% capable of leading the society in right direction. So, ladies this is for you all,
‘Pitch in with whatever you can, because YOU can make a difference!’

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