Women Are at Par with Men

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Life is a beautiful gift of god given to every being alive, but the power to give birth is endowed to women to spread life on this once barren earth. Ponder over if a women has strength to spread life and beautify this earth then how come she`s considered weak and a mere play thing, to accustomize women of their lost strength we spread our word everywhere naming it women empowerment , It simply means to inspire women , and introduce them to their powers which with time have not faded but are coated with dust as they weren’t used because of people undermining them ,it instills within every women the courage to break free from the chains of limiting beliefs, patterns and societal or religious conditions that have traditionally kept woman suppressed and unable to realize their true beauty and power.

There goes a saying `women in time to come will do much’, from decades and centuries women are considered as domestic, rural, inferior and as a weaker section of society, there were times when women were forcibly ignited to death on the fire pit of husbands, there were and still are unfortunately so many harsh and inhuman rules for women. Women how modern they are , are always expected to walk steps behind men, they are always taught to respect men , they are taught that they are weak , timid, and should never violate the rights of men. Women are not allowed to walk out freely at night, as they are not considered as just another sex, but as preys by some vulturerous men who eye on women as their prey. That idealistic image of goddess which women portray goes in drain by such voluptuous men. Women are never wrong , neither in their dressing sense or else where if men have rights to freak out why should girls veil their faces, this is 21st century , every one here sets its own rules, men can never equate women in any sense , peep into the head offices all over the globe and the answer will always come that women are more hardworking dedicated and zealous than men , hence , today they are occupying the top most positions all over.

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But overlooking the flying colors of women in all fields we shouldn’t forget to consider the section of our society in this age, where we brag around calling ourselves generation x there are millions of women still today who are beaten burned and ill treated by men, the fact is : may be the extent to which we have developed but still there are sections in this world where women are treated inhumanly, because some niggards who proclaim to be humans have contaminated their thinking and ideologies and stagnated it with dirt considering themselves as superior.

In making women at par men in our society, the first and foremost step to take will be the transition in the thought process of all us. We need to take every one of us out from the so called ritualistic bounties from which firstly lies considering women as weaker sets in our society. Women themselves have to take initiative and put for the bold step in front of the society so that no one points out in calling them as weak. Women should reform their set of thoughts and remove all the negative thinking’s from which innumerate’s considering them as weak, timid and empowered women should take the responsibility in invoking the hidden worth inside every woman we all were born to make and manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in one of us but in every one and as we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our fear, our presence liberates others.


There is a great responsibility to shoulder for all educated women, we need to spread the worth of knowledge and outpour our positive thoughts, to imbibe the courage in rural and uneducated women to step forth to take their own decision. Teach women as it educates a family. There is a certain philosophy attached with such thought process, we become what we think we will become and that happens what we think will happen. We can accomplish whatever it is we want to accomplish, if only we can free ourselves from our preconceived ideas and self limiting believes. Reading this it will not be unworthy of thinking that somehow women have accepted themselves and the society as they are and those who expand their horizon of this believe become great. There is a spark within every woman. They equalize men in all aspects, women are blessed with the power to give a new life and to transform, if women can manage work as well as home so efficiently, then why are they considered weaker sect or a machine just to produce babies for the sake of upcoming generations of unworthy families. Women too have their level of tolerance those who are bound amidst four walls of the house and what do they get in return of their day and night effort to keep up the house well? Just beatings from a drunkard husband, is this what women were meant to be? Women have the spark of innumerable goddesses, they are not timid but they have to become so because they care for their family. Once every woman realizes potentand her true self, they will outnumber men not in terms of population but in strength, honesty, hard work, zeal to achieve heights and governing the whole country with patience, tolerance, acceptance and righteousness. Women should get empowered both physically and mentally realizing their true worth, their rights to own their lives, their ability to influence the direction of social change to create a just and economic order nationally, internationally and universally.


Women Are at Par with Men
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