What Women Really Want?

Okay so I’ve heard this in a billion movies, read this in a billion quotes that women are supposed to be complicated. Firstly, I would like to understand how a person defines complicated when he calls a woman that. It’s like everyone has decided that it’s too freaking hard to understand a woman and what she wants, her demands, her tastes, her mood swings. To all those who think women are complicated or hard to get, I’m sorry but you’re mistaken big time. There is absolutely nothing so unusual about a woman that you would find so hard to figure out. We were all born alike, and we did not fall off our balconies as a child and hence we’re not mentally deranged. We’re neurologically absolutely fit and you can get us tested too. By my personal observation, Its not that women are complicated, we’re just different from men not only physically but in more ways than even we know. Someone once asked me to stare at a wall for 10 minutes and not think of anything. I swear I thought it was easy but it isn’t. My brain started ticking right after a couple of minutes.



Women tend to think a lot. And we’re biologically designed to think, so there’s just nothing strange about it. Men avoid thinking and women over think. There’s no balance with either of the exes in that department. But this apparently makes women complicated because it’s a lot more convenient to not think than to think and then talk about it and discuss it. We’re just thinking, we’re not obsessing over it. It’s just an assumption that everyone’s made that just because women think more, we’re more emotionally and mentally drained out. Yes, we are a little more drained out than men are but not all that much. Plus, I think a man and a woman achieve balance in every walk of life only when put together, and that’s for a reason. Also, what we think about may be irrelevant to most men, but we’re equally disinterested in their topics of discussion too. Then, about women being too demanding. Some women may actually be very demanding, in terms of materialistic things more so, I’d say I’ve seen very needy and clingy guys too so guys can be even more demanding when it comes to time. But I think that depends on the background of the person and how she’s brought up. If she has been really pampered as a child and has got everything she’s ever asked for as a kid, she is bound to be demanding. And that’s not just specific to their boyfriends, they’re demanding in general, with everyone. If you’re going to hand pick a spoilt brat and date her then only god can help you.

Deadly Terms


Yes, we love shopping and it lifts our spirits each time. But since we’re not asking anyone to come along and make us shop I don’t understand why anyone should have a problem with it. We like wardrobes full of happiness, and that’s the way we look at it. Yes, we need attention but well, so do you. And no, we’re not emotionally unstable. Women are actually far more strong headed than men are, and realistic too. We do cry about petty things, but we let it out at once and get it over with. There’s no point of holding back feelings if you ask me. It’s pretty suffocating to not be able to say what you feel. If we choose to express sorrow with a few tears here and there, and you choose to drink till dawn when you’re upset, I think we’re doing a better job at keeping ourselves emotionally stable and not damaging our livers in the process.


We do PMS. And there’s no logical explanation as to what we say and how we feel at that point of time, because we might just be constantly annoyed. But you can deal with a couple of days of us being unreasonable I guess. And then bleeding 3-4 days a month isn’t that easy either. So you can bear with us for  a bit, we’re in plenty of pain already. Women may be judgmental, a tad bit more than men. And again there are exceptions to that too. But everyone has their set of flaws. And being judgmental may even prove to be helpful sometimes. That screaming from five feet away when we see our girl friends and then we hug them really tight is not abnormal. What’s weird about being happy and affectionate? Being nice to someone on their face and bitching about them behind their backs, yes it does sound pretty absurd. But it’s more out of common courtesy than we prefer being cordial and not abuse them right at their faces. We’re frank when we need to be, but we do know our limits because and we tend to function within them. We want you to stop calling us complicated and stop trying to decipher every word we say. We may say something else and mean something else, but how we say it makes what we mean crystal clear. Women are more understanding on the whole so they expect the same kind of understanding. It’s not a flaw, and it doesn’t make us complicated. She’s willing to invest in you that’s why she needs you to invest in her too. So what do we women want? We want love and acceptance. That’s about it; everything else is negotiable. Nobody likes things they don’t understand. Just learn to love her right, you’ll need no figuring out.


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