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Pen-is-Mightier-than-the-sword_4535599_lrg“The pen is mightier than the sword”, this sentence was coined in about 1839, by the English author Edward Bulwer-Lytton. The sentence, which is now one of the most popular quotes, was created simply for a play, ‘Richelieu’; or ‘the Conspiracy’. With so much wisdom in that one line of literature, there were a few who picked out the essence it shared; the need for this mentality is needed now more than ever. There are wars being fought for fuel, land and precious stones; there is the hatred among foes and deceit among brothers; this planet which claims to be the only one suitable for human existence, is of no use, as there might be the form of humans wandering the planet, however the humanity for sure has been left behind.



There is a recurring pattern which you will notice after reviewing the past events; be it recent or much prior to them; a human mind, or that of any mortal creature, will always fall a victim to greed, and that one sin, has played many roles in the blinding of their sound senses. This world is one of leaders; although this, mind you, does not always work in our favour. The different views of these leaders, lead to them locking horns with each other, and result in a matter of bloodshed for their respective people. There are many who have argued the fact that actions speak louder than words, but as I have always explain that, the higher volume doesn’t really make it a rational case, it just makes it ‘loud’.



In spite of the facts that favour words, we have always believed in actions when it comes to confrontations. Leaving a trail of destruction, actions, that too the violent kinds, have been the reason for the many upsets that have occurred. The power of the sword (weapon) is one that bears the same weight, as wearing the crown of authority; they both have the qualities which make you feel ‘powerful’ (not in a smart and positive way). When you look at the reports that have been made into textbooks, marked ‘History’, you will see that, wars have been a part of our species, and still continue to threaten our existence till date; the reason of these wars are of course disagreements, and bad blood between two regions, but also weapons. Weapons like mentioned earlier, have influenced many owners, to a different power-high. A weapon in one’s hand, has reported to give them, something like a god-complex, an illusion that they themselves have the power over the people, and they hold the fate of their lives, in their hands. Of course its alternative ‘word’ (communication), has never got the recognition of influence it truly deserves.

pen Mightier than Sword


Now the counter part of action, which is word, has made some influence in the world as well, but this is not realised by all. The power of word has been the most affective throughout, during the earlier times in literature, with the many readers having, only books as entertainment, bit into the reforms that the authors desired to disseminate; then in the modern world in newspapers, periodicals and whatnot; while there are the European colonies spread across the world, which used the press to bring change and speak against the despotic rule over their respective nations. We have always had the choice to resolve issues with our words, but in most cases we have chosen to act on it. Being successful and reaching to the top, has become primary to other things, adding to the feuds and competition; and people say, “those who can, do; those who can’t, teach”, insulting the source of the very foundation that you have received to be what you are; by succumbing to our actions over words, we have also lost the personal touch of human emotions.
In my silly quarrels with friends, or some intense ones with foes, of which I have some scars to show, and some invisible emotional scars that decay very slowly; there is one thing all of them have in common and that is ‘words’. The silly quarrels have been settled due to communicating and apologising, while the intense quarrels have begun with communicating and insulting; both could have been solved with the same method, by correcting my speech, but out of both only a few have. My relationships with my foes have been one-sided, while they would dominate through their brawns, I would insult them with my wit (which I am not proud of). A few years prior to the current one, my personality was not one to keep down and take a punch, rather I would call myself insecure to engage further in mindless banter, of who is superior; with my physical scars healed and emotional scars, that have been engraved to my heart, I pity my loss of friends, and my senses which couldn’t see a potential friend in a lost foe.



With my personal experience voting against weapons, even the weapons of hurtful words; you realise what power a negative syllable will have on your life, or as a matter of fact the life of the person you dish it out to. The pen in retrospect is mightier than the sword, but also more destructive; however I support neither a weapon of word, nor a weapon itself.

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