The Words To Live By

The difference between the almost right word & the right word is really a large matter–it’s the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.
Mark Twain

I wasn’t always the best speaker or the best writer and still am not one, although I hope to be if I could be, but I’ve known the importance of words for as long as I can remember. As a kid I was told I was really sarcastic, and it was funny then you know because everything’s nearly excusable as a child but then eventually when you grow up, the same words aren’t funny anymore, they’re rather hurtful and offensive. And as rational as I may or may not be, I always failed at picking the right words to say what I really wanted to say. It just always came out wrong; like they lacked the clarity they deserved, and often misled people about my intentions. Now that I’ve grown up so much, I have definitely improved on that and believe me a whole lot of work went into it because being able to pick the right words to say the right things is an art which not everyone can master. Your intentions do matter, so do your gestures. But very often in life you’ll have to speak to people who do not know you so well, or who will not be able to judge you correctly on the basis of your intentions and gestures because they wouldn’t be as equipped to understand them as people who’ve known you for years.

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So words are really important, in well, all walks of life. The amount of power words hold is immense, literally your life could depend upon it, it’s actually that essential to understand and be well aware of what to say. The whole concept of misunderstanding emerged from how words could be used or misused to fulfil different motives. There are about a billion ways to say the same thing, which could be quite tricky actually. But if you’ve worked on it well, you know what to say exactly in what situation. Nevertheless, your state of mind definitely plays a big role in that. You cannot always have the time or energy to think over what to say and how to be nice about it. Sometimes, all you can do is be straightforward and hope to god everything works out really well. The best people in the marketing field are exactly exceptionally talented at anything apart from how well they use their words. And they’re the people who probably value these words the most too because they have to listen to all sorts of words all day. A man isn’t convincing with his looks, but with his words. How well he places each word and what weight he assigns to what word is very important in his art of conversation. I’d much easily fall in love with a man who is good with words than the one who just looks good. Women anyway fall in love through their ears mostly. But I think it’s equally important to men too.


If you’re really chirpy and talkative, how long can you put up with someone who barely speaks or just does not say anything good enough to interest you? I, for one do not like talking sense all day, in fact I most refrain from talking sense unless and until I need to. So for me to converse with a person who only likes to talk to the point, or shows off how much he knows and talks sense all day or keeps pointing out faults in what I say would be very bugging. It would be an outright mismatch. Man is a slave of his words quite literally. You’re bound by the promises you make, they’re in the form of words. Deadlines are the forms of words, and so are targets. Relationships are almost a gamble of words. Authors and writers, I believe are supremely powerful, and I would be privileged to ever hold that kind of a position. Administrators of the country, the lawmakers, they run countries, they run cities and states, but they cannot walk into each household and speak to the people like the words of an author can travel across all these barriers. They can make you feel exactly how they feel, and that’s a kind of super power in itself. It’s almost like walking into someone’s head.

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Words can hurt and words can heal, they can make or break things. The words of an angry man are probably the sharpest kind of knife there is. Because you don’t know what you say when you’re angry, or even if you do, you have absolutely no clue how badly it’s coming out. The words of comfort from a loved one, on the other hand are sometimes all the medicine that you need. And as absurd as this may sound, for most people, you’ll be remembered less for what you did than for what you said. Words are ultimate; I’ve emphasized on that enough. But well sometimes, silence is louder than words and it speaks volumes in itself. A person who can hold back on his anger and keep calm is far superior to a man who keeps covering up for everything with his words. Words can be a veil, they can be escape too. But sometimes, there’s more comfort in silence, there’s more knowledge in silence and knowing when not to speak. That’s the golden rule of conversation. And most importantly, when you find someone who understands your silence as well they understand your words; you’ve found your soul mate. So value words, but equally value silence, because words are manipulative but silence is always real.

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