In our very bizarre imaginations we imagine our encounter with our favourite celebrity , we go deep in our thought as if everything is happening for real, we are so lost in there  awe that everything  else seems small and the moment we ask for their autograph we realize the greatness of the personality in front of us. That glory , the taste of everything beautiful, the luxury , stardom and fame we start lingering for all that and then all of a sudden we start imagining ourselves in that amazingly mesmerizing scene ;but suddenly we realize we are no one in front of that great celebrity our signature is not worth being an autograph we can never get such fame as those great persons ,the people who carry such name and fame are surely made of different material which we don`t possess.


The sun wile shining never give more rays to one person than the other or the stars while twinkling fade away for some person and appear back for someone else, we all were born as an embryo no one came to life being an adult, when nature does not discriminate then why do we go lenient on ourselves giving excuse for every setback and failure, or is it so that we have instilled in our heads that we our just nothing to get all the success we desire, or is it like we started considering people with big MNS`s, stardom , fame were born with all this , life has never been easy o anyone even the richest man on this earth today has thrived hard to get all the money he possess today. Every success covers layers of failures, to achieve something in life every being falls or fails in some or the other life is never a bed of roses . The being from whom we are so inspired has toiled day in and out, sheded sweats of blood and then after rigorous and persistent hard work have got the success he desired.

Whenever we watch our favourite celebrity performing we acknowledge only the being in front of us we never even think about the hard work and effort put behind it, the stardom so lures us that the effort behind it is not even seen only the resultant perfect performance is praised by all.

To achieve something we have to toil hard, we have to practice to perfection, nothing comes too easily we have to be hard on ourselves to get that fame, name , money , stardom or anything else we desire for. In our everyday life we unknowingly sign may a times, while signing cheques or any other important document we do realize the power of our signature but we never even think that one day our sign can be our autograph. The only makeable difference between a sign and an autograph is that sign reveals your identity and autograph shows your identity + your worth. An autograph elevates the self respect and confidence of any person to an extent that we are ready to work more harder to never let our standards down.


When we were small and we tried to figure out our signature, we used to copy others sometimes even the autographs of famous people thinking that someday even we`ll  be asked for our autographs , the mere feeling of being asked for an autograph is so vitalizing that it thrills you and builds up your confidence as you finally realize that even you are being idealized .

There is no big difference between us and the people who sign autographs, but only that they had discovered a dream, an aim to die for and they applied all there efforts in the direction to achieve it. The only mistake make is that we do not mobilize our resources, we dissipate them in so many arenas that we ourselves get lost to even start. The first step towards your autograph would be to set an aim, and then to gather all your resources to act in the direction we desire. If your efforts are honest  if your seal is true then you would surely be a hero in any field you step in.

Vitalize your energy every day, have a clear vision for what you want from life, the day is not too far when your signature would be asked to you as an autograph, when even you would have a name in the worlds, we all were born to meet success we should not settle for mediocrity.

The Journey of yours in your way from making your signature your autograph would never be easy, it would be a journey full of failures and revivals. But once you achieve success then your journey would become an inspiration your decisions others motivation and your journey a legacy which would be told as a lesson to teach people how success is achieved. Even you would be amazed to revive the stardom, fame and appreciation you always desired.

The journey is as important as destination, so start your journey of being someone from no one today. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step so put your best foot forward and dive into the arena of making your sign worth for grabbing all the opportunities and making your name count among the stars of this world. Work so hard that your signature turns out to be your autograph one day. That someday the way you had imagined your encounter with your favourite celebrity is imagined by several people inspired b you.


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