The World Is Your “Big” Family

“I believe the world is one big family, and we need to help each other”

~ Jet Li

Everyone has a very special bonding towards their family. It is because they have stayed with you all your life, encouraging you at every stage and having confidence in you at times when even you lost your self-confidence. They teach you what is right, what is wrong, how to behave, how to learn and what and what not to learn. Considering all these and the amount of love they show towards us, we are very much attached to our family and can never bear the thought of separating from them.

However, we humans are being very selfish; with the increasing development in technology, we are losing our bonds, we forget relations and run behind money. Though it may seem worthy and give us happiness in the starting stages of our career, we slowly lose our interest and search for dear ones who can at least listen to us. We never think of the society which has taught us how to behave, how to live and how to cope up with our lives. Though it has given us so much, we are always on the receiving side and are unwilling to give back something.

This attitude in the people of today is turning this beautiful world into a mechanical routine. Such a behavior should be stopped and people should learn to help others, stay in contact with people and maintain their special bondage. At the end of the day, what matters most is the number of people who truly love and support you rather than the amount of money you have earned. Money may earn you people who are willing to stay with you but they show their true colors once you lose the money. Instead, start building relations, help people, help the society in your own small ways and you will find that even very minute things can give you happiness.

Many people may be willing to do something towards the society, but they complain that they do not get time. If you are so short of time, sacrifice an hour’s sleep or your favorite TV show and yes, you will be able to do it.

In order to gain confidence and have a sketch of work you want to do,  have a good knowledge on what type of environment you live in. Look around yourself, question yourself and seek your answers. You need not do anything big, just know your area. That will give you numerous ideas on how to work on and where to work.


look around


Just because you have started the work, there is no need to do big things from day 1. Never aim for bigger things or huge amount of work when you have just started. Start with little things. Remember that “little things can always make a huge difference”. For example, help your elderly neighbors when they need your help in lifting their bags or give your poor neighbor children your note books to read and write. You will be surprised to see how relations can be built using such small things. The smile on their face will give you a huge satisfaction and will encourage you to take further steps.


small things


Working alone might seem boring or may deviate your determination at times. To overcome this, find people who are alike as you. There might be people in your locality who have the same ideologies as you but they do not come forward due to reasons like shy, communication problem etc. Talk to people, understand them and gather as a team. A team is always better than a single person when it comes to good work. Also a combination of different personalities will always yield more efficient and huge results than a single person taking up all the work.


get your team


Once you have found your team, start thinking about the problems your locality is facing. It may be electricity, water or any type of problem. Actions are taken fast when a group of people make a complaint instead of one. If you have an inverter at your home and you feel that electricity problem is not your problem, then you can never help anyone. Feel for the people who would need electricity to study for their exams, to perform their daily chores etc. Unless you feel on behalf of those people, things can never work.


dream big


Some people are good team members but they cannot be team leaders, they cannot take their own decisions and work towards them. Such people can join various “non-government organizations (NGO)”, or any such organizations which are working towards a cause. Once they start working there, they gain their confidence and learn to be a team leader. This will enhance their personal skills too.


goldfish jumping out of the water


Though we start working for the society and the world in the longer run, our heart gets selfish at times and wants to rest. Instead, compliment yourself once in a while; let it be a favorite TV show which you wanted to see from a very long time, your favorite chocolate or anything that would interest you. And then compliment yourself for the past work you have done and promise that you would keep doing the same. This will lighten your spirit and help you work more efficiently.





Doing all these will help you make special bonds with people in your locality; they look up to you when they have any problems which they cannot solve by themselves. This is a long way to go but still, everything starts with a single step. Instead of waiting for the change, be the change for the people to follow you.

Never lose confidence in yourself and remember, you may have started your good work in your area but you never know to what position you will reach in your future. So always believe yourself and your work. This will definitely make world your “big” family where everyone welcome you with their warm hearts.

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