Worship Your Work

Henry Ward Beecher says-”I never knew how to worship, until I knew how to work hard”.

We all are greedy and selfish in our life, we always choose shortcuts to get success in our life. We don’t want to work hard and always worship to god to make our life easy and comfortable. To achieve success in our life we don’t do hard work and always praying to god to give success in our life. We don’t have guts to face failure but to overcome that we don’t want to work hard. Every ones life is full of twist and turns and ups and down’s. Everyone one of us have to struggle in this world to overcome every obstacle in the way to success. So hard work is necessary for this. Without working hard and just by sitting idle and praying to god. it will be hard for one to get success in our life.There is a phrase which says “Work is the only key to success not a worship” because god also help those who help themselves.

What do we really mean when people say they are going to worship to God? Worship is one’s belief on god and it is the praise of god. It is a set of action that are set forth to announce how a person feels regarding God or anything a person looks highly upon. But today people use worship as a weapon to secure themselves from every hurdles that come into their life. They lost the true meaning of worship.  There are many compositions to worship. Some of these compositions consist of rituals, symbolism and personal actions as well. My parents always taught me to “To be a better person in life and to get success you have to work hard and the result of hard work is always fruitful,so you have to work hard”. Worshiping only will not give you all the success, so don’t work for worship instead do hard work as worship, it will definitely give you what you want. There is a well known proverb ” No pain, No gain”. If you really want to achieve success then work hard for it. hard work will never goes wasted. Later or sooner success will come to your feet.
When you are going to worship then you must first decide what is important to you. Once this idea is determined then the next step is to setup a routine. A routine is a phase in which one feels to express his feelings towards the god.


There is an old proverb “Work is Worship” which means that there is no better way to worship god except to be hardworking and this is fully justified what man has achieved during the course of his growth is a result of hard work over long periods of time. Hard work and worship is a root of success. There is no alternative of hard work because through hard work only you can achieve success in your life. In today’s scenario, we can see that how much we have developed; we have conquered or defeated the nature. We have set foot on the moon. We have traveled in the space. We have invented so many life saving drugs-all became possible because we never avoided work. We can also see wonderful progress in field of agriculture and industry. To develop in the field of agriculture, methods of agriculture has been improved which has resulted in the growth of production and now, the farmers are enjoying better days than what they had to face previously. Again, this is the result of hard work. Today, worship is a major part of human behavior called ritual studies. Different religion has their own rules or customs that define it and they keep it separate from all other religions. While some people have their personal worship rituals and every people have relationship with a god.


Till now we talked about work and worship but some of us really don’t understand the correct meaning of both these words. Work means action which involves effort and mental involvement and, worship means giving respect to some power. We should work without any care for the result. People who does good work or is a hard worker is always praised in this world and the bad worker is always cursed everywhere in this world. A lazy man will not be able to achieve anything in his life.  Great personalities in this world are always known for their excellent work. There is no life without work. To eat food also we have to make an effort. Life will be always dull without work. To achieve your goal you have to work hard. Worship alone cannot give you everything you want. God also praises or fulfill the dreams of the people who work really hard to achieve it. There is an old thought-“God help those who help themselves”. God help cooperate and get impressed only with those who are hard working and sincere and god does not love being worshiped every second. He wants that person should work hard to achieve his aim of life and should know the value of it. So it is not of value or praiseworthy if we worship god all the time and do not work at all.


Many of us believe on luck. We believe that it plays an important role in our life. Hence we avoid hardworking and wait for some miracles to occur which will fulfill all the dreams which we have. But the reality is opposite of that, we cannot achieve anything without hardworking in our life even we will not able to progress in our life. We will always be on the same stage of our life and will always be cursed by others. By working day and night we can hope for some miracles. God has made us for some purpose so that we can fulfill that. That’s why he has sent us on this world known as the “World of Work”. To fulfill the purpose for which god has made us, we should utilize each and every minutes of our life in a most valuable way or best possible way we want to. We should not waste our time and should try hard to achieve our goal. We should utilize our potentialities and our presence of mind to the extreme end so that we are counted among the successful personalities of the world.


We should be alert that when we say that work is worship’ we mean that work which is useful and wholesome for the society. Work which is harmful for society can never be praiseworthy and will always be cursed in life. Hence, our potentialities should be utilized in constructive work instead of utilizing it in manufacturing some poisonous drugs, or making destructive weapons or planning some conspiracy or waging wars or doing anti-social activities. Such works can never be blessing for mankind nor can they make God happy. The work should be creative and should have a humble base. Only then we can say that work is worship otherwise it will be known as devil’s worship.


Worship of God is possible not just in the temple but it is possible also in the field of life and work. A hard working person will only be able to uplift his standard of living in true sense. Abdul Baha says-”….all effort and exertion put forth by a man from the fullness of his heart is worship, if it is prompted by the highest motives and the will to do service to humanity.” We should worship our work first then anything else afterwards. Thus work is worship in our life without it our life will be aimless and useless.

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