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I woke up. I went for class. I ran for work. I walked the dogs. I cleaned the house. I was cooking. I was doing my presentation. I have a deadline.
That’s how my life feels at this moment. We live in a time where we are so bogged down by everything around us, so busy doing something at every second of our day, we forget to give ourselves that much deserved time, space and pampering that we deserve.
I realized this lack of time for myself in my life when it suddenly hit me that I was standing in line at the grocery store for the last 40 minutes doing nothing except seething at the women in front of me with the mini Mt. Everest in her cart. I stared at the two packet of chips in my hand and realized, “what a complete and utter waste this was of my time and energy, that too for two packets full of carbohydrates which isn’t that great for me anyway.
I left the queue feeling a certain sense of discovery and went back home, determined to spend the rest of the day away from any form of distraction. Away from my phone, laptop, Facebook, Twitter and the world around me. I decided to sink into the realm of the unknown where I could do whatever I wanted, bringing me in sync with that inner peace within me.
I switched on the hot water, turned on my favorite music and gave myself a rejuvenating, and rather refreshing shower. I switched off all the lights, took out this book I had been dying to read and sank into complete tranquility, as I shut off from everything else outside of this magical world of mine. Nothing could come between me and my time for myself today. This Sunday, would just be mine. Completely.
I give myself this much required break every week now, I’ve made my own mini heaven, where I do whatever I want to, what makes me happy, what I love.

There are a lot of ways to bring this calmness within you. I decided to do something different almost every week. Sometimes I paint. I lose myself completely into my colors and my canvas, as I try to merge all my thoughts together, swishing my brush around as I want, making me feel like an European artist personality. It’s actually fun adopting all these roles and letting my imagination get the better of me. No one judges me or what I’m doing because I enjoy being myself with every sense of mine involved in whatever I do.
For people who want to splurge on themselves completely, booking an entire day for yourself at the spa is another refreshing way to relax each and every single part of you. Imagine spending one whole day in one of the most peaceful surroundings, losing yourself into complete oblivion as you feel every part of yourself come alive as they massage your head, back, arms and legs. Feeling the warm oils soothing your skin, scrubbing all your stress and problems away, as you slowly start breathing for yourself, in an absolutely tranquil setting.
Sometimes, watching an old favorite movie works wonders as well. You can dim the lights, make yourself some popcorn, snuggle up in your quilt, with the air conditioner on full, sipping on some beer or margaritas, whatever suits you most and just watch an old flick. Having movie marathons, of your favorite series, going with something old and familiar, maybe a western classic or a fun rom-com, anything that gets that smile back on your face, will make you feel better instantly.

Or I’ve realized, sleep is the best remedy for anything; food too, but we’ll come to that later. Imagine, having the entire bed to yourself, cuddling up to those fluffed up pillows, with some soft music in the background, and just quietly clearing your mind of everything as you enter the world of dreams. A world where here is no scope of any stress, sadness or tension. You’re happy and at peace, and you just cannot stop smiling. That world, that you thought could never exist for you, does. All you need is a little time and patience and a lot of love for yourself, taking you away from the pains of the world around you.
Leaving the best for the last, and my personal favorite, nothing can bring your spirits up like baking. The sight of the silky, creamy and shiny chocolate dripping off your fingers as you top that fluffy, warm and moist chocolate cake with it, I know I have to fight hard to not lick my fingers. Indulging in the sinful art of baking, can you give that sensual pleasure and happiness from within as you feel yourself glowing with each bite you take. You just tell yourself, you deserve this, this break from that crazy fast life you have, as you slow down to enjoy and savor each bite.
I try to give myself this break once a week for sure. It takes me away from this apparent and rather manipulated reality we live in, and brings me back to being one with the real part of me. The spontaneous, spunky, creative, fun and easy part of me. A part I love and frankly, never want to lose. It brings me back to normal, preparing me and giving me that much needed rest from “reality.” It makes me sane enough to tackle the insanity out there.
You deserve being with yourself because of no other reason but yourself. To become the you that you actually are. Don’t deprive yourself of that, you deserve much better; and deep down inside, you know you do.

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